Rainie yang and kingone dating

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rainie yang and kingone dating

Kingone Wang (Chinese: 王傳一; pinyin: Wáng Chuányī; born 5 May ) is a Taiwanese In , Wang played a supporting role in the drama Evil Scorpion (魔蠍) for which he won the Best Supporting He also starred alongside Rainie Yang and Mike He in Devil Beside You (惡魔在身邊) in and Why Why. Rainie Yang Reunited with Her Most Iconic Drama Leads Mike He. m zi shnbin) is a taiwanese drama starring mike he, rainie yang and kingone wang. Mike's closest girl friend in showbiz is Rainie Yang. In fact, Rainie confessed herself that she would rather date Kingone Wang than Mike He. Nobody knows.

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rainie yang and kingone dating

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