Pechalat and bourzat dating

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pechalat and bourzat dating

Nathalie Péchalat (born 22 December ) is a retired French ice dancer. With partner Fabian Bourzat, she is a two-time World bronze medalist (, ). Date of birth: , Nathalie PECHALAT FRA. Place of birth: Rouen. Height: cm. Home town: Novi USA. Profession: student. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

They did not qualify for the — Grand Prix Final. At the Europeansthey were second in the free dance and fourth overall, missing out on a medal by less than half a point. They finished 5th at Worlds.

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These results qualified them for their second Grand Prix Final. Prior to the final, Bourzat suffered an ankle injury, but they were able to skate well enough to earn their first GPF medal, a bronze. They then finished 4th at Worlds with new personal best scores in the compulsory dance, the free dance, and overall.

They won the small bronze medal for the free dance. Their results qualified them for the Grand Prix Finalwhere they won the silver medal. They followed this by winning French nationals for the second time in their career.

It was their first ever medal at an ISU Championship. They produced France's fifth ice dancing European title. Bourzat said, "Traveling there was not a political act at all. We came as open-minded people, who wanted to discover and exchange. There, they set a new personal best score in the free dance and won the bronze medal. Their next competition was the French Championshipswhere they won their third national title.

Nathalie and Fabian at World Championships. On 9 JanuaryBourzat sustained a partial tear of the adductor muscle of his right leg, resulting in the team's withdrawal from the European Championships.

At the Grand Prix Final in FukuokaJapan, the French won the bronze medal, their fifth medal at the event, and then ended with their fifth national title.

pechalat and bourzat dating

They withdrew from the European Championships to focus on the Olympics. See the end of the work for notes. They arrived at Detroit Metro Airport in a rush. Nathalie was lugging too many bags and Fabian was forced to play porter.

pechalat and bourzat dating

She wore a jaunty sprig of artificial holly in her hair. They departed Detroit Metro Airport in a slow procession, just minutes later. Nathalie tore off her hair clip and threw it on the ground. Then she picked it up again, reproachfully anti-litter, and threw it in a nearby trash can. No flights to France. No flights at all, in fact. Christmas in Michigan, whether they liked it or not. Driving on automatic, Fabian slipped into the departing traffic.

pechalat and bourzat dating

He pulled onto the Interstate and began reversing their journey back toward Novi. There was no choice but to go back to their respective apartments, even though it was a depressing prospect. Fabian had expected to fly into a ready-made Christmas.

Decorated tree; a huge spread of food; and he a welcome moocher. He had not contemplated any alternatives. All of their friends in Michigan had already left for their respective homes. It was just Fabian and Nathalie and the bleak midwinter in Detroit.

Nathalie stared out the car window, clearly picturing herself as the aggrieved heroine in some non-specific movie. Another sigh from Nathalie. There was no in-between. Fabian stayed in the car and napped while Nathalie shopped. They both agreed this was the best plan of action. In fact, Fabian suspected that, in her mind, Nathalie had already re-cast herself as the catalyst in this plan.

And she would happily tell people for months to come about how she, and she alone, orchestrated a last-minute Christmas celebration. She wore a reindeer headband and a necklace of flashing stars that changed colour every few seconds. She also carried two enormous bags and from inside them Fabian heard the distinct clinking sound of wine bottles.

It was also eight feet tall. They ended up with tinsel draped over every available surface. The tree leaned perilously to one side as Nathalie tried to affix yet another bauble to its already-overloaded branches. Fabian walked or rather weaved over to her.

pechalat and bourzat dating

He carried her through to her bedroom and deposited her on the bed. Nathalie tried, for a moment, to get back up. When that seemed like too much effort, she sprawled across the bed, head lolling against the pillows.

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The flashing stars of her necklace tangled at her throat, changing colour green to blue to purple to pink in the half-dark. He tried to help her under the bed covers, but every time he pulled the sheets over her, she kicked them off again. Reindeer Fabian tried once more to tuck Nathalie into bed, but this time she was ready for him.

She grabbed his shirtfront — drunk or not, Nathalie was strong — and unbalanced him, pulling him down onto the bed. He collapsed across her, diagonally.

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The fact that he, too, was pretty drunk came spinning back to him. With difficulty, Fabian rearranged his heavy limbs so that he lay beside Nathalie. Seemingly on automatic — old habits or simple proximity — she immediately rolled over and laid her head on his chest. She jostled closer to him, her lips bumping against his jawline seemingly by accident.

Another uncoordinated moment later and her lips found his mouth. She kissed him sloppily and it took him a little too long to remember why this was a bad idea. Kissing Nathalie was good. Kissing Nathalie never failed to send a thrill down his spine.

Kissing had never been the problem in their relationship. She withdrew and blinked at him for a long moment. Her expression was half-confused, half-resentful.

Her necklace flashed in the dark. She mumbled something incomprehensible and slumped back onto the bed. However, when — twenty or so minutes later — he reached over and flicked the OFF switch on her necklace, she snored a wine-sour breath into his ear.

Fabian lay in the dark and considered his options. There would be no taxis on Christmas morning, so it would mean a walk in the snow to get there. And a cold and empty apartment made a dubious destination. No, better to stay here, at the very merry pink Christmas that Nathalie had created. His gaze drifted to Nathalie next to him.

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Their relationship had ended not in acrimony or tragedy, but in exasperation. Yet the sight of her asleep still made him wistful for days long past. He pushed these errant thoughts away and went to sleep.

Ready for the rink. Ready for Igor yelling in his ear. He took them off and tossed them down onto the bed, where Nathalie still lay fast asleep. She was the very picture of Christmas drunkenness. The smile seemed to aggravate his hangover and he winced. He dragged himself through to the bathroom.

Nice 2012 ICE DANCE FD -18/21- Nathalie PECHALAT Fabian BOURZAT - 29/03/2012

He considered throwing up, but he gripped the side of the sink and the nausea passed. He flipped on the shower and waited for the water to heat up. Her apartments were often bland, as she like he shuffled her life from city to city, continent to continent, leasing any place as long as it was close to the rink.

The living room might remain blank, but in her bathroom, she never failed to leave a stamp.