Me and mrs jones dating advice

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me and mrs jones dating advice

Me and Mr. (and Mrs.) Jones -- Keeping Up the American Way . that the key to any lasting relationship with any Tom, Dick, Harry, Smith or Jones is listening. . 8 Actually Helpful Pieces Of Breakup Advice You Need To Hear. He did a duet with longtime girlfriend and former fiancée Emily Blunt! and sang background vocals on his cover of "Me And Mrs. Jones. Explore LeKisha Jones's board "Me and Mrs.. Mrs. Jones!!!! (Me n hubby)" on Pinterest. Don't ever stop dating your wife and don't ever stop flirting with.

Quincy Jones spearheaded a united effort to connect the world's minds and hearts in music, activism and soul. A trumpeter, soundtrack composer, director for Dizzy Gillespie, arranger Count Basieproducer Aretha and Sinatra ; and a time Grammy winner.

Imagine my amazement one recent summer's eve, while watching a one-man show about Louis Armstrong. There he sat, amidst the audience in a darkened theater, a Cheshire grin on his face.

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Here I was, almost 30 years later, finally about to meet the Mr. Caught between anxiety and exhilaration, I approached him after the final curtain, blurting out in one long run-on sentence, that my dad was a jazz pianist and that I'd grown up listening to his Count Basie and Sinatra arrangements especially Fly Me to the Moonas well as his soundtracks to The Pawnbroker and In the Heat of the Night.

I felt a pure, still waters-ness about him, and I knew he ran pretty darn deep. Smiling contentedly, he said, "Just got back from Abu Dhabi. In my fantasy, I'd have escorted Mr. Jones out into the dusky evening, sipping the night away in whispered dialogue in some downtown speakeasy, questioning him on everything from his favorite cocktail to his favorite chord For now, my reality was a five-minute dialogue.

As soon as we locked eyes and he initiated with silence, I was hooked. In reality, it seems that the key to any lasting relationship with any Tom, Dick, Harry, Smith or Jones is listening. In the real world, life coach Gail Kauranen Jones explains that we feel disconnected when we are not listened to with care. When I told Quincy I play jazz recorder, he listened intently, then encouraged me, remarking that he'd used lots of jazz recorder in his soundtracks.

In the surreal world, the listening gene is just as prominent.

Me and Mrs. Jones

Take Alice in Wonderland: On being lost, Alice suggested staying put until someone finds you. If I listened earlier, I wouldn't be here. Two couples, next door neighbors who share the last name of Jones, speak volumes about what's crucial in our short spell on earth.

These eccentric Joneses bond over the surprising similarity of our lives. Conversations are filled with identifiably awkward chit chat and sexual attraction weird -- you wanted this conversation to end; I want it to keep going.

The Joneses reveal our human universal ties of vulnerability, melancholy, abandonment, and passion. The odd intermingling of the two Mr. Jones duos creates a syncopated, human quartet that sounds both baroque and contemporary, half Mozart, half Shostakovich. Young, comical, yet troubled John Jones resembles Everyman Jones when he utters the anxiety-ridden "shoulds" of life "I should go to med school He makes outrageous, insightful observations "You were crying and eating a power bar -- that's one sad, busy person" and asks existential questions "Is it a billion little words or just one?

Listening to both older and younger Jones husbands discussing their shared obscure illness, the Jones wives babbling and pausing, one notices that the silences -- as in music -- speak volumes. Jones intermittently reveal unique quirks Pony's desire to use dandelions in salads and Jennifer's calming habit of staring at the international foods section in supermarkets. Both sets of parents reluctantly accept the marriage.

The couple are forced to leave school, and live for a disastrous short time with Bo Jo's parents, who blame July for ruining Bo Jo's college opportunity. July's parents then arrange an apartment for the couple and a job for Bo Jo at July's father's bank. The only truly supportive adult is July's grandmother. July and Bo Jo soon find themselves missing their old life of school, football, and social events, and begin to bicker with each other and spend time apart.

Lonely and bored, July begins writing to a Princeton student named Horace, who, unlike Bo Jo, is from her social class and shares July's interests in music and literature. Horace lives out of town and is unaware that July is now married with a baby on the way, and July avoids telling him, even when his letters begin to show a romantic interest. July also meets and bonds with another young teenage bride, Lou, who is an aspiring singer and actress recently married to an older man.

July and Lou's friendship comes to an end when Lou becomes unexpectedly pregnant and, unlike July, decides to have an illegal abortion without telling her husband. Lou's husband finds out and angrily hits Lou, who leaves him and moves to New York, where she becomes a nightclub singer and the mistress of a wealthy man.

July realizes that unlike Lou, she does want her baby, which is beginning to move in her womb. Bo Jo meanwhile has sought solace by spending more time out drinking with his old friends Charlie and Alicia, whom July does not like, especially since Alicia still seems to be romantically pursuing Bo Jo.

After Bo Jo and July argue, he leaves the house and later comes home with a lipstick smudge on his neck, causing July to suspect him of cheating on her with Alicia. Two months before July is due, she confronts Alicia and afterwards goes into early labor. The premature baby dies a few days after birth.

Bo Jo and July's parents now suggest that the couple should split up and resume the lives they had before, with July attending a boarding school near Princeton and Bo Jo getting his football scholarship back.

me and mrs jones dating advice

But Bo Jo and July realize that their shared grief over the lost baby has brought them closer together, and now they are truly in love and do not want to break up. Three years later, Bo Jo is attending college, living in the married students' housing with his wife July, who works in the bursar's office to help pay their expenses.

Characters[ edit ] July Greher- July is the sixteen-year-old protagonist of the novel, which is told from her first person point of view. She is a senior in high school and really enjoys the subjects of English literature and Biology. They never intended to have premarital sex, and even feel ashamed for weeks afterward before finding out about the pregnancy.

Me and Mr. (and Mrs.) Jones -- Keeping Up the American Way

She believes that marriage is a serious commitment despite her rushing into it, and also believes that marriage is worth preserving and implies certain promises. She also is strongly opposed to abortion and giving up the baby for adoption. Bo Jo Jones- Boswell Johnson Jones is July's long-term boyfriend and eventual husband, as well as father of the child.

me and mrs jones dating advice

He is seventeen and his best quality is his persistence no matter the activity. He is a private person who mostly keeps his thoughts to himself, but works really hard in school in order to get the grades necessary for acceptance to a university. He is the school's star halfback whose family is banking his receiving an athletic scholarship to a university. Before their unplanned, intimate night on the beach, neither had considered their relationship serious.

After July informs Bo Jo that she is pregnant, he asserts that they should get married. Bo Jo struggles in his interactions with July and learning to be married, as well as his lost educational opportunities, but does his best to provide for July and their expected baby. She has a long term boyfriend, Alan, who she eventually marries at the end of the novel. Her and Alan's relationship is set up as a foil against July and Bo Jo's marriage.

Not only do Mary Anne and Alan love each other, but they follow a proper timeline in their relationship and engage in age-appropriate activities. Horace - Horace is a nephew of one of Mr. Greher's friends whose family comes to visit with July's family right before July and Bo Jo are able to tell her parents about their marriage. July's mother tries to get July to take Horace out on the town to give him something to do, while Bo Jo is right there.

He is a sophomore at the university and plans to attend Princeton. They enjoy sophisticated conversation together and Horace eventually writes to July. Hurt by Bo Jo's emotional distance and their constant fighting, and lonely because of her isolation from friends and family, July writes Horace as a pen pal. After a while, July and Bo Jo reach a level of solidarity in their marriage but July still struggles to write Horace off.

Eventually Horace basically confesses his love to July in a letter that is intercepted by Mrs. Greher, who is upset because Horace's aunt called, wondering about the correspondence. July writes back that she never intended to lead Horace on in that way and that she enjoyed the friendship. Horace responds after the baby is born and dead, and the couple is facing forced separation. He is of her same social and economic standing and much more intellectual and sophisticated than Bo Jo.

July decidedly rejects this option with her and Bo Jo's decision to stay together. Horace is in many ways representative of all July's parents wanted for her, and opportunities she could not have because of getting pregnant as a teenager.

Charlie Sanders- Bo Jo's Best friend who is considered to be wild but "quiet" about it. He is portrayed to believe that the world is his oyster. He throws parties out of town and July's parents are not found of him. July doesn't like Charlie very much either but would never say anything to Bo Jo as they are very good friends and she pretended to like Charlie in order to ease Bo Jo's mind when they first started dating.

Tommy Ryan and Julius Spence- Boys that July has dated before but views more like brothers then significant others.