Leo and kate dating 2012 calendar

From Fred and Ginger to Kate and Leo: When movie couples make fans hope for real-life love

leo and kate dating 2012 calendar

Ever since Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio played star-crossed The two actors ended up dating after the movie came out, which brought. CALENDAR FOR DATES FOR ARE LISTED IN FIVE SECTIONS . Calendar: Medical and Dental Kate C. Morgaine BA MPH(Otago) DipTchg. Kirsten J. Leo F. J. Buchanan MB ChB(Otago) FRACP. Few actors in the world have had a career quite as diverse as Leonardo In Theaters · Showtimes & Tickets · Latest Trailers · Coming Soon · Release Calendar . of his most challenging roles to date, Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries (), .. In , he was featured on Kate Winslet's book "The Golden Hat: Talking.

Loves visiting Spain and wants to learn how to read literature in Spanish. He was also awarded the Special Jury Award and Socially Responsible Conservationist Award for this project, from three different, relevant film festivals.

The painting was introduced by Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender. Possibly the only actor to play a character in almost every decade spanning the last years. Outbid Paris Hilton at a Cannes charity auction for a Chanel handbag, which he gave to his mother.

After The Wolf of Wall Streettook a 2 year hiatus from acting, citing exhaustion. Leo was born in L. While being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight at the red carpet of the Golden Globes, he stated that his long-time friend Kate Winslet is his favorite actress in the industry and he would love to work with her again.

DiCaprio appeared in two episodes of The New Lassie when he was 15 years old, while Williams made her film debut in Lassiewhen she was DiCaprio and his Titanic and Revolutionary Road co-star as well as close friendKate Winslethave been nominated for Oscars in the same year three times: Cate Blanchett is his only female co-star to be nominated and win an Oscar for a movie in which she co-starred with him, for her performance in Aviatorfor which DiCaprio was nominated for Best Actor.

DiCaprio and his Aviator co-star, Cate Blanchetthave been nominated for Oscars in the same year four times: Blanchett won the Oscar in and and DiCaprio won in The game places a miniature animated Leonardo DiCaprio in a never-ending quest to reach the end of the red carpet where his Oscar awaits him. It featured a series of challenges involving DiCaprio's career: The game racked up 6, plays per minute two hours after the official launch and quickly spread around the world, inexplicably finding its largest audience in Russia.

His first Oscar win in February 28, broke the internet and generatedTweets per minute, making it the most-tweeted moment of an Oscars telecast ever, surpassing Ellen DeGeneres ' selfie from the ceremony. Hundreds of people blocked streets in Mexico to celebrate his win. Fans in Russia's Republic of Yakutia donated their jewelry to craft an Oscar of their own for the actor.

His first agent refused to sign him in the beginning unless he would change his name to "Lenny Williams", saying that Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was "too ethnic" to work. He has a total of 8 directors on his resume who have won an Oscar for Best Director: He is a huge fan of Anime.

Is an only child. Voluntarily surrendered several works of art worth millions of dollars and an Oscar statuette that once belonged to Marlon Brando to the U. Government, as part of its ongoing investigation into a money laundering operation connected to Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak. Some of that money was used to finance Red Granite, and several of the company's films.

The surrendered items include: Rarely ever goes on talk shows except The Ellen Show. His birthday is Veterans Day. He dropped out of high school and later earned a GED diploma. By many publications such as Variety, The Economist, The Atlantic, he is said to be the last true American "movie star", because he has remained the most bankable actor while eschewing genres such as superhero films.

Personal Quotes The best thing about acting is that I get to lose myself in another character and actually get paid for it. It's a great outlet. As for myself, I'm not sure who I am. It seems that I change every day. People want you to be a crazy, out-of-control teen brat. They want you miserable, just like them. They don't want heroes; what they want is to see you fall. He's a perfectionist, obsessed with detail.

leo and kate dating 2012 calendar

That's why he went over budget and over schedule. You can either be a vain movie star, or you can try to shed some light on different aspects of the human condition. It's a really obvious thing to say, but the more people know too much about who you really are, and it's a fundamental thing, the more the mystery is taken away from the artist, and the harder it is for people to believe that person in a particular role. As soon as enough people give you enough compliments and you're wielding more power than you've ever had in your life, it's not that you become an arrogant little prick, or become rude to people You actually think you've altered the course of history.

I don't really have many extravagances. I don't fly private jets and I don't have bodyguards and I don't buy crazy things. I have a couple of houses here and there. I bought a very expensive watch, and I am going to buy a really expensive movie poster, the original for The Thief of Bagdad I love movie posters. I kind of feel like the same person except more time has gone by. I hate to say that I feel like an adult now. I have to admit I wish I was still After all, even through the time while I was representing that wild kid, I really wasn't.

I was just living my life. I was just not making movies at the time. Martin has brought so much to the art form of film, and he is not the type of person who would be upset by not receiving an Oscar, although it is a practical joke that he has not won an Academy Award after all these years. Whatever opinions critics will have of AviatorI really think that this is a great piece of art: The great thing about turning 30 in this business is that you get to perpetuate being young or old as long as we want.

On whether there are any aspects of fame he dislikes: I feel very fortunate. A lot of people would love to be in my position. There are so many people out there who are suffering trillions of times more than I could ever suffer, and would love to be me.

I am a lucky little bastard. Yes, I can play younger than my age. But I can play characters older than I am, too. I'm not an actor who can just play the kid. I think people read the tabloids because they want to see you eating a burger, or out of your makeup or doing something stupid because they just want to see that you're like everyone else.

I don't want to catch myself anymore saying that my life is hard, because the good far outweighs the bad in my life. And it's easier to focus on those things, on the things that are important. You learn after you've been in the business for a while that it's not getting your face recognized that's the payoff.

It's having your film remembered. I lived in Hollywood and, ironically, I didn't know you could just go out and get an agent and go on auditions and try and become an actor, I thought it was like a Masonic thing, like a blood line you had to belong to - until I was Then I realised what you had to do.

It is the one thing I know I want to do for the rest of my life. But I knew that cameras would be stuffed up my face so I had my response ready. Anyone who says they don't practice is a liar. I was behind a woman at the checkout counter who was looking at the magazines. She turned to me and goes, "There he is again, that Leonardo DiCaprio. Don't you wish he'd just disappear? I choose to avoid that. We'd had a beautiful relationship over the phone all summer long.

Then she came home and we met to go out for the first time to the movies.

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When I saw her I was petrified. I couldn't even look her in the eye to talk to her. I don't know if I'm ever getting married. I'm probably not going to get married unless I live with somebody for 10 or 20 years. But these people took a chance and they did it. We don't have the guts that Romeo did. As a little kid growing up in Hollywood, I was called 'a little crazy'. And now I guess I'm still that way. I cheated a lot, because I just couldn't sit and do homework.

I usually sat next to someone extremely smart. I like to help the whales, the otters, and the dolphins. When I'm acting and I take a break, the first thing on my list is spending time by the sea. My mom and I lived at Hollywood and Western, a drug-dealer and prostitute corner.

It was pretty terrifying. I got beat up a lot. I saw people have sex in the alleys. I remember I was five years old, and this guy with a trench coat, needles and crack cornered me. Early on, seeing the devastation on my block, seeing heroin addicts, made me think twice about ever getting involved in drugs.

Once you take that step and experiment, drugs can take over your life. You are not yourself anymore. That's something I never wanted. I didn't have a lot of friends growing up.

leo and kate dating 2012 calendar

It was kind of just me and my parents. But because of them, the neighborhood did not have a bad effect on me. My dad introduced me to artists, and every few months we'd go to some hippie doo-dah parade as Mudmen in our underwear, carrying sticks and covered in mud.

My mother did everything to get me into the best schools she could find. When a role for a young guy is being offered to me, I think of River Phoenix. It feels like a loss. When I was young, I used to have this thing where I wanted to see everything.

I used to think, "How can I die without seeing every inch of this world? What I would do in order to be popular was, I'd put myself on line and joke around and be funny, and I was always known as the crazy kid.

Bridget Hall and I hung out for a week. The whole thing was blown out of proportion.

leo and kate dating 2012 calendar

I like girls who are intelligent, somewhat funny, and pretty with a nice personality. It's a weird adjustment living alone, because you don't realize how much you really miss Mumsie until she's not there.

Dark green is my favorite color. It's the color of nature and the color of money and the color of moss! I'm not really the quiet type, although some people think I am.

But I'm the rebel type in the sense that I don't think I'm like everyone else. I try to be an individual. I've never tried anything.

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That's not a lie! I'm not the sort of person who tries to be cool or trendy. I'm definitely an individual. I don't have emotions about a lot of things. I rarely get angry, I rarely cry. I guess I do get excited a lot, but I don't get sad and enormously happy. I think a lot of people who talk about all that crap are lying.

Right now I'm just trying to maintain happiness - that's all I really care about.

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Anyway, when you're my age and your hormones are kicking in, there's not much besides sex that's on your mind. I hate speaking in front of a large audience. I don't know where it came from One of my passions is to meet people and then imitate them. I love doing that. I have the same problem as Edward Furlong. I'm nothing like Romeo in real life. I'm shy, but when the time comes to be wild, I'm fun-loving, adventurous, and mysterious.

leo and kate dating 2012 calendar

If you're not perfect in every film, then people say "See, he was just lucky in one role. I admit I've done a few lousy roles in the beginning of my career, like my role in Critters 3 But at that age, you'll do anything for attention! People want you to be a crazy out-of-control teen brat.

They want you to be miserable, just like them. They don't want heroes.

From Fred and Ginger to Kate and Leo: When movie couples make fans hope for real-life love

What they want is to see you fall. Everywhere I go, somebody is staring at me. Our personal investment in the love lives of beautiful strangers has been going on for as long as the movie industry has been around. Here's a look back at some of the actors whom people couldn't help rooting for, whether or not they were destined to be together. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire Rogers and Astaire first wowed audiences in "Flying Down to Rio" in ; their captivating chemistry was so palpable when they danced together, they stole the show from the movie's leads.

The pair went on to make 10 movies together, usually playing chaste love interests only kissing once ever who were dazzlingly in step with each other. They certainly danced as if they were soul mates — but moves can be deceiving. Rumors of discord dogged them, especially because neither liked to be referred to as the other's "partner. The sparks weren't just flying for the impossibly glamorous duo onscreen, but also behind the scenes, despite Bogart's marital status and their year age gap.

A quickie divorce later, Bogey and Bacall wed in In some ways, these two were the anti-Kate and Leo, because no one really thought they'd last. Against the odds and despite some admitted infidelitythey did — until Bogart's death in Gosling even asked him to bring in another actress at one point.

Gosling clearly thought something wasn't working, but moviegoers didn't seem to notice. The story's will-they-or-won't-they suspense had audiences in weepy puddles, watching with bated breath as Gosling's Noah insists — outside in the pouring rain, naturally — "it still isn't over" before going in for a kiss.

The two actors ended up dating after the movie came out, which brought "Notebook" fans immense joy. It didn't last, though. It's not your typical meet-cute, but their appeal was undeniable. The actors never got together in real life, although she's been a staunch advocate for him, despite some of his infamously erratic media interviews.