Lauren graham and scott patterson dating

Lauren Graham & Scott Patterson, Gilmore Girls from Co-Stars Who Weren't Exactly BFFs | E! News

lauren graham and scott patterson dating

(Or, you know, Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham.) We'll fountain of youth, Lauren Graham remains a truly stunning twin of her younger self. Sorry "Gilmore Girls" fans, but Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson didn't always get along. Warner Bros. Sometimes you love an on-screen. In this segment, Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson discuss how Luke & Lorelai are very different instruments but "together they This is why I hate dating.

lauren graham and scott patterson dating

The two actors seem to get along well behind the scenes, happily reuniting here for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. To be fair, the few times Danes was seen hatless, his hairline was so far back that on most men, it would have been an indicator of balding yet to come.

Gilmore Girls: Lauren Graham, Scott Patterson bid farewell |

However, Patterson is pictured here sixteen years after the first season of Gilmore Girls aired with costars Milo Ventimiglia and Sean Gunn, who played the eccentric town jack-of-all-trades, Kirk.

It is in the same place it was at the beginning of the series, proving that the actor has just had a huge forehead all along. Reuniting after leading their separate lives seems like it was a piece of cake in this silly photo of the cast behind the scenes at a promotional photoshoot.

It shows how special this show was in their hearts that theses actors would take time out of their schedules for filming and have such a fun time together. Once a Gilmore, always a Gilmore. As members of the Life and Death Brigade, fans have heard about Colin and Finn cliff diving, partying, and causing mischief throughout the series.

lauren graham and scott patterson dating

The reoccurring use of the masks in Gilmore Girls: After Robert tries to date Rory during season 5, Logan admits that he thinks Robert is a jerk and that he hates himand not much was seen of him after their ill-fated date. This is yet another detail of the revival that makes little sense in the context of the series.

15 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About The Cast Of 'Gilmore Girls'

However, seen here running lines with Keiko Agena, Bledel looks like a relaxed, normal teen in her loose braids and casual denim jeans. If she was stressed about the newfound pressures of a starring role on television, her younger self showed no signs of nerves or fear as she hung out behind the scenes. The hardware store turned restaurant was the primary meeting place for the Gilmores, whether it was for a cup of coffee or a game of bagel hockey.

These failed sitcoms include Townies, Lush Life and M.

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  • Gilmore Girls: Lauren Graham, Scott Patterson bid farewell

Perhaps it was just fate, though. But, in real life, the actors are not as musically talented as they seem. Well, the members of Hep Alien did sing the songs with their own voices but two musicians played the songs off screen to provide the bulk of the sound.

John actually wrote and directed several musicals and short films, some of which, Sean has appeared in! And yes, basically Sean has odd jobs just like his character in the show. Lorelai had the best coats, seriously. She was also given Lorelai's three-monkey lamp because they thought she'd want it.

lauren graham and scott patterson dating

However, the lamp is apparently collecting dust somewhere in her garage. Scott Patterson also walked away with some souvenirs.

Seriously, is there anyone who actually liked April? But, perhaps Gilmore Girls fans will find a little comfort in the words of the actress Vanessa Marano who played April.

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She said, "That poor, poor year-old fictional character was hated, which I get…I kind of hated April Nardini, too, as a fan of the show. She broke up Luke and Lorelai!

lauren graham and scott patterson dating

He was very down-to-earth and helped out whenever he could.