Key and eunji dating quotes

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key and eunji dating quotes

Dating was one the frequent rumor that they got. Since Key is closes to some member of girl group like Eunji and Nicole, there are several. On the September 7 episode of MBC's "We Got Married" Season 4, Key and Jung Eunji go on a double date with fellow respective team. Jeong Eunji: 'Let's think like a Rose! be sharp like the thorn and #apink #eunji #bomi #namjoo #chorong #hayoung #naeun #quotes #.

key and eunji dating quotes

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SHINee’s Key Wants to Meet A-Pink’s Jung Eunji Off Camera?! ‘We Got Married’

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Browse through our long list of quotez and eligible members to find the person of your dreams. But to Key, he would be confused and develop feelings for Jonghyun because he assumes he really cares assuming he's gay ofc, he wouldn't see it as fanservice.

Notice how after Jonghyun and Shin Sekyung relationship was announced,Key began to distance himself from Jonghyun.

SHINee’s Key Wants to Meet A-Pink’s Jung Eunji Off Camera?! ‘We Got Married’ : News : KpopStarz

His obsession with Lady Gaga XD and covering "girly" songs 7. Rumors of him going to gay bars late at night he once said, "if I get caught. I have nothing to lose but is also afraid of ridicule"? Spending time in America as a kid may have led him to be more open and he thought it was okay to be different. Here's a quote he lives by ,"So my dream isn't to become the "Best", it is someone who I am not ashamed to be.

It is well known that gay Koreans go to gay bars and often see Key there. In a interview, Minho said Key had been out drunk many times and had to pick him up. If Key had been drunk many times in a public place, I'd think we'd hear about it, wouldn't we? Which leads me to believe he's getting drunk in private underground gay bars. Taemin mentioned that Key brings strangers to their dorm random hookups from bars? Not confirmed if strangers are male or female Key was chosen as the member who's the most secretive During Weekly Idol, members were going down the line asking each other tough questions i.

Where a member was going late at night putting on cologne. Key abruptly got nervous when it was his turn and suddenly said "Wait I don't want to come on this show next time, really. I don't want to come anymore. Like he revealed something that needed to be edited out.

Keep in mind that the last time they were on weekly idol was in They just came back this year. An ex-SM makeup artist said that Key is obviously gay but plays the bisexual card because that's somehow better? Idk about how this one. Could easily be something someone made up His ideal type includes someone sort of manly or tomboy-ish He said Minho is the member he'll date if he was a girl.

Keep in mind that Minho is the manliest member. He's friends with a lot of female idols, more so than male idols this doesn't really mean anything.

Just wanted to take note of that. Key tells a fan to stop cutting herself and mentions he used to self-harm. Keys pretty much outed by hardcore Korean shawols they say he went out w a guy pre-debut Recently, a gay male idol is in the industry let's call him "A". A is known for his large network in the industry. He has an outgoing personality loved by all. He's the 1 most scouted personality on variety shows for his ruthless way of words. He's also known for his unique fashion sense.

A gay app notif flashed "cute gay OOO is m away from you! B had no idea A was gay. His ideal type is actor "C". The fact that A hit on C is a well known story.

key and eunji dating quotes

The two even mentioned each other in public events. I found this on Pann, a Korean forum website. This does sound like Key, but it could also be Heechul.

Comments in the forum think it's Kwanghee from Z: But definitely not gay. Key was also on WGM. I tried finding something, anything that'll show Key possibly has an attraction to women but I couldn't find anything.

Let's just say, evidence of Key being gay far outweighs any of him being straight A female fan at a Japanese fan meeting told him "let's be friends". Key replied "why can't I be your boyfriend? Doesn't really show any interest in girls. One time, a pretty model in a bikini next to him and all he had to say was "aren't you embarrassed to wear something like that?. Key once said he wants to get married and "try his best to have kids".

He makes it sound like its hard work to conceive a child. Key quote "I can't hide who I am. I can't say things I don't mean, say things I like things I hate, or hate things I like. And more than anything, I can't lie to myself. Lol I dont think a straight guy would say this.

But Key's very blunt. He said "dogs sexuality is confusing! There was this moment where Key looked like he was stroking an award: He had to list 5 celebrities he wants to go on WGM with, here's what he listed down: Nicole Kara2. Nana after school4.

Jonghyun Shinee5.

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My Bad guys, apparently a fan asked him this question and the fan gave him these names as choices to put them in order. Sorry about that lol. If key wasn't gay wouldn't you think he would've confirmed the rumors by now and set the record straight?

After all, He did say he was an honest guy. What if he doesn't care people think he's gay bcuz It's kind of like, we already know, so he doesn't have to confirm anything. Things like 'two members kissed' or 'they are in love with each other'. There was a rumor claiming we kissed in a car but that's not true. Every time I'm promoting I hear things like that.

key and eunji dating quotes

I just took them as jokes. One of his favorite artists is Mika, who's openly bisexual. A staff member who visited C's hotel room late at night to brief him on next days agenda was said to have been in shock after finding D in C's room with a red face.

Don't you think the rumor would've mentioned that they were both male?