Kate beckinsale and scott speedman dating

Who is Scott Speedman dating? Scott Speedman girlfriend, wife

kate beckinsale and scott speedman dating

Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman photos, news and gossip. Kate Beckinsale was dating Michael Sheen (Lucian) when this movie was. Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman photos, news and gossip . Find out more about. Scott Speedman is in an easy, breezy mood when he calls from his home in the Underworld and its sequels with Kate Beckinsale, xXx: State of the Union with . I started dating a dancer and my focus immediately shifted.

Baz is easily the most complex character in the whole show. I know what you mean. Do you consider it a dark show? You know, I do. My personal, humble opinion is that the show is at its best when it deals and revels and is confident in its darkness. Is Animal Kingdom actually filmed on location in Oceanside, California?

We do most of the shooting in and around the Warner Bros back lot [in Hollywood]. They built a huge house to scale, with the pool, running water, an elementary kitchen — a fully functioning house! We do a ton of shooting down there in a very, very, very short amount of time, which is super fun. Season two is finished shooting, and I presume Animal Kingdom will go on to season three.

I would be very, very surprised, as would everybody, if it ended after two seasons. You seem to have worked in every genre there is — crime, comedy, action, drama, horror, and even musicals, if you include duets.

Kate Beckinsale: My husband didn’t mind me kissing Colin Farrell

Do you have a favourite genre, or one that you feel best at? Some of my new favourite television shows, I can see being in that genre. Have any other actors had a particular influence on you? He is one of the super-underrated movie stars.

You forget how good he is.

kate beckinsale and scott speedman dating

Tell me about growing up in London and Toronto. My whole family is Scottish — everyone was born in Scotland, everybody except me. And you became a competitive swimmer at a pretty high level. I was at this weird high school for the competitive mind and competitive athletes, and then they had this gifted-artists programme. The 1, [metres] was my speciality when I was swimming very well, but the high-school life was minimal because the school was just sort of there to help you get out of class, so you go train at the end of the day.

A Director Told Scott Speedman To Put His Shirt On

I started dating a dancer and my focus immediately shifted. So you just decided to take a stab at acting? A really weird set of circumstances came up, really super lucky, and I just sort of fell into it in one of those weird ways. But the business — at least then, and maybe still now in Toronto — insulated me in a way that made it a lot easier for someone who was going to be playing those types of roles.

The pool was smaller.

kate beckinsale and scott speedman dating

If you could string a couple of words together, you had a better chance of working than you did anywhere else because there was so much shooting going on up there, and they kind of needed the bad boyfriend-of-the-week kind of guy, which I could sort of do.

Was that right before Felicity? This was like the end of high school.

kate beckinsale and scott speedman dating

I heard through a girlfriend that [casting director] Mali Finn was in Toronto doing this huge, broad search for Boy Wonder in Batman — the George Clooney one. I went on there and said I wanted to audition for Batman, and Mali saw my tape and called my mom. It went well and she gave me a couple calls back. And then, four years later, I got the call for Felicity. Were you surprised when you got that call? That was another weird thing. I had actually dropped out of everything when I was about 22 to go to New York and study theatre for a bit.

But somebody got me the script and I read it, and I knew right away that I should do it.

kate beckinsale and scott speedman dating

He must have felt the same way, because soon after Underworld was released he divorced his wife and proposed to Kate. I'd never been drunk, never dated anybody famous.

Scott Speedman on learning to fight, playing against type and Animal Kingdom

Sheen lives just a short distance away in Santa Monica and sees Lily whenever he wants to. We are still very close and she sees us around each other. She's around them both at the same time and it's not at all weird. Evolution, it wasn't about co-starring with her ex.

kate beckinsale and scott speedman dating

She had to do a graphic sex scene with Scott Speedman, during which he had a problem with his, er, manhood. There's the dilemma of what to do with it. So he was preoccupied with the physical pain he was in She loves popping back to London to see her mother, the actress Judy Loe, and her stepfather, director Roy Battersby. She will be soon be spending even more time in the capital. She has just bought a house there and plans to use it as a base for six months while appearing in a play.

One problem with that, though, is how her American-born husband will overcome the language barrier.

kate beckinsale and scott speedman dating

We also made him go to a pantomime which confused him totally, and then bought him a book of Cockney rhyming slang - so I think he's happy to be back home in California. I have no idea what it would be like in this business without the sort of levelling that having a kid brings.

My child sleeps, my child goes to the bathroom by herself I feel spoiled that I have this little person who doesn't wake me up and throw up on me in the night. So you can stay in your hotel room and have a chat. It's like that on a webcam with your husband. She has just finished filming Click, a comedy with Adam Sandler, and is soon to start work on the drama Snow Angels.