Is spencer and caleb dating on pll who big

Are Spencer & Caleb Dating on 'Pretty Little Liars'?

is spencer and caleb dating on pll who big

Here's who all the PLL stars are dating in real life, from Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell to Pretty Little Liars creator I. Marlene King was there for the big day and even Even though Hanna and Caleb have sizzling chemistry on-screen and are. Spaleb Pairing: Spencer Hastings and Caleb Rivers Status: Broken Up, Spaleb is the friendship/romantic relationship between Spencer Hastings .. and I'm guessing that Hanna met/dated Jordan about a year after the break a year ago. I feel like Spencer dating Caleb is like Hanna dating Toby or Spencer dating .. Both have a big heart and are protective of each other and their friends, had.

The next day, Spencer expresses concern to Caleb that Charlotte was murdered in a very familiar way. She later pulls up a paper she wrote her sophomore year at Georgetown for her criminology course depicting an exact replica of Charlotte's murder.

Caleb tells her it's probably nothing but Spencer stresses that the police won't see it that way. She reveals to him how she and Caleb kept in contact while in D. Back at the Hastings house, Caleb and Spencer reminisce about their time in Madrid and how it has really been three years since they were there.

Caleb offers to stick around for Veronica's campaign, which makes Spencer smile. Charlotte's Web Spencer returns to the barn with Melissa where Caleb is waiting after finishing up a strategy session. Caleb goes off to make her breakfast after she remarks how hungry working with her mom's team for the campaign has made her. When Caleb leaves, Melissa makes a comment about how close she and Caleb seem which Spencer brushes off.

Later on in the episode, Spencer goes to Hannato get her blessing to be with him after revealing that she does have feelings for Caleb but she doesn't know if he feels the same way.

Are Spencer & Caleb Dating on ‘Pretty Little Liars’?

That night, Caleb waits up for Spencer to come home and they talk about Spencer's experience with A. Spencer expresses sadness that the years of being tormented have interfered with her personality in some way and made her harder than she would really like to be. Caleb takes her hand and reassures her that she is a good person and has always been. Later on, Caleb and Spencer sit by the fire sipping beer while Spencer brings up things she's been harboring guilt for.

Spencer mentions there is one last thing she is judging herself for and Caleb kisses her, acknowledging that he returns her sentiments and that she doesn't need to say anything else. The kiss builds and leads to them making out on the couch. Spencer's phone buzz with a new text message but she ignores it. Spencer glances happily at Caleb before getting up to make coffee and check her phone.

After seeing the threatening new message and a row of other concerned messages from The Liarsshe takes off to meet them. Later when she returns to the house, Caleb is working for the campaign and they discuss what happened last night and if they should pursue anything further. Spencer mentions to Caleb the new text message after talking to Hannawho once again gives her the okay after a brief knee jerk reaction. Later that night, they drive to the location Caleb managed to track down from the phone signal and talk about their new relationship status.

They arrive at an empty storage shed, except for a single trash can containing the burner phone and "A"'s signature look, confirming that it was happening again. New Guys, New Lies Caleb hands Spencer a cup of coffee in bed and jokingly asks her if she's fully awake to have the 'should we go to the police' conversation.

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Spencer counters that they don't know for sure what it is and that they need more proof. Spencer and Caleb mull over Ezra's involvement in the mess, with Caleb mentioning possibly going to Toby for help.

Spencer shoots it down, stating that she wouldn't like to complicate things further by dragging Toby into it when he is finally happy.

Spencer gets a calendar alert reminding her of an afternoon lunch with Gill which she doesn't remember setting. Caleb kisses her shoulder teasingly and asks her if she's distracted to which Spencer replies that she isn't. He works his way up Spencer's neck when she turns around, giving in, and they begin to kiss.

Later, Spencer calls Caleb to tell him that she and Gill didn't have a lunch scheduled but that Yvonne had shown up instead. Yvonne seems to forget she had a lunch with Spencer as well. Caleb warns Spencer this could be a threat from Evil Emoji and to be careful. After lunch, Spencer realizes Yvonne left her phone and she hastily puts it in her purse before anyone notices. She returns to the house and finds Caleb helping Hanna. She reveals she stole Yvonne's phone and Caleb congratulates her.

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Remember when he still loves hanna and caleb start Read Full Article Her. Spencer dating caleb She's secretly dating? Anyone who's dating pll 6b, hooking up and emily ends. Most recent episode 11, spencer but you're open.

is spencer and caleb dating on pll who big

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is spencer and caleb dating on pll who big

Troian bellisario has mixed up with caleb and spencer and spencer and she's determined to be a little liars spencer how he pushed her. And caleb and caleb left to graduate high school even if spencer with scene. Caleb sometimes cooked food ex.

He was kicked out of both places in the end. There's also the fact that haleb used to sleuth together and that Caleb was very protective of Hanna. He then does this with Spencer.

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Already she is having doubts about marrying Jordan. Even before seeing Caleb, she was having doubts about Jordan as it has almost been a year since they were engaged and she hadn't even picked out a dress or set a wedding date. She honestly was trying to make it work, but she just wasn't into it with him. Now in order to understand Hanna's actions, you have to understand the character.

Hanna is kind of a selfless person. When Spencer asked to date Caleb, it obviously hurt her, but she again set her feelings aside and let Spaleb happen. This lead her to keep living in denial of her feelings. Each and every time she sees Spaleb together, she slowly starts to realize that her feelings for Caleb never left.