Hair straightener and curler combo online dating

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hair straightener and curler combo online dating

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The spray comes in a handsome gold bottle which delivers ml of product and you place a few drops into the palm of your hand, spread around your hair then use your Tyme Iron. This product helps to deliver extra volume and shine as well as protect your hair from the high heat.

It also has a remarkably delightful scent so hair smells gorgeous. As well as the heat protectant, the Tyme Paddle Brush is another must-have.

The paddle brush promises tangle-free hair brushing and smooth, soft, shiny hair. It includes a few excellent added features such as a very comfortable grip with non-slip technology and a clever magnetic feature so you can attach it to any metal surface saves you hunting down your brush when you want to style your hair.

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Jan 13, at 3: Wash and condition it as normal, rinse out thoroughly, towel dry and apply the Upstaged Protectant from Tyme Iron, then dry off your hair. You can use this product in-between washes to pep up your style too if you want to but never use it on wet hair.

Your Tyme Iron looks like a V shape when you pick it up. This is normal, when you style it, it will close together to form a barrel shape. This is how to hold your Tyme Iron. The brown lines are what you use to curl. For curls, you use this wrist-action and move your arm forward toward the mirror as you style never upward or outward. To style hair at the back, you pull it up and over your head using the wrist action mentioned.

So, clamp the top of your section of hair between the Tyme Iron making sure your wrist is facing toward the mirror and then move the iron forward to near the end of your hair and release. If your curl is too tight, you can loosen it by combing through using a wide tooth comb or using your fingers to separate curls. Styling the left hand side of your hair uses the same technique except move your right hand the one holding the iron over the top of your head, then take the section and place it into the iron, flipping hair over the back of the iron.

If you do squeeze too tightly you will get kinks in your hair, this is more noticeable on fine hair so be gentle when using the Tyme Iron. Use the gold plates to guide you and using a simple action just glide hair through in one direction.

So, no need to watch the brown guidelines, watch the gold plates. Take a section of hair, place the root of the section between the gold plates and slowly glide the Tyme Iron through the hair to the base without using too much tension. Again, start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Towel dry and apply Upstaged, the Tyme Iron heat protectant.

Dry off hair and section it out. Plug in your Tyme Iron, switch on the blue light. Hold your thumb over the blue light. Place hair inside the iron and wrap the rest of hair around the body of the barrel. Release your smooth, shiny curl. Repeat all over the head, making sure to lift the hair at the back of your head up and over your head and move your arm over your head to the other side rather than alongside your head.

Instyler Max Similarities Can create different size curls.

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Instyler Max Differences Is not a traditional straightener, it is a rotating barrel. Far easier to learn than the Tyme Iron! It also has fast and slow speed controls so you can easily operate it and it creates structured, loose, beachy or large curls. Tyme vs CHI In all honesty, you can create the same finish with the Chi straightening irons which continue to be one of the best hair tools you can buy at the moment.

The dryer that comes with the combo has wattage, and is a decent dryer, with 2 level working. Ceramic plates are very hard, and can last longer. They are made for everyday use. Concentrator nozzle present on the dryer 2 heat settings and 2 speed settings 2 years Philips India warranty from the date of the purchase.

This combo is made for budget people with all the necessary features. I would recommend this combo, because you get both things in less price, and they also add extra magic to your hairstyle.

The keratin infusion in ceramic plates, help in ion straightening.

hair straightener and curler combo online dating

So you get silky, shiny and frizz free hair. The straightener is best in class, and also, used by youth. This model has become instant success. The plates are extra wide, giving you wide surface area to work on. Beauty guide app with virtual hairstyle makeovers 8 m cord for mobility.

The build quality is good. It keeps the hair healthy but it is advised to use serum before applying.

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The process takes usually 10 minutes, in most cases; it takes more, thanks to wide plates. I would definitely recommend it to women who want to look their hair extra good for that important meeting or occasion. The price is bit higher than basic, but you get lots of benefit worth it. The company now beats the sale, with this straightener, which is in price, but does the work; every normal straightener will do, or better.

The product is very thin, and you can carry it anywhere. Very good operation, with instant straightening capability. I would recommend it for first buyers. Philips HP Kerashine Jojoba Straightener This kerashine straightener has jajoba oil infused in the ceramic plates, which gives enormous shine to the hair, with very good straightening.

Jajoba oil has very good heat resistant, and helps to keep the hair shiny. The natural shine will look good on your hair, and now you can rock any function. The ceramic plates slides through the hair effortlessly.

hair straightener and curler combo online dating

The straightener is for frequent users, and performance is beyond the words. I personally reviewed this item and found it to be very good. It is a must buy item for fashion lovers. The jajoba oil infusion makes it a must buy. There are so many choices present on the internet that you might end up in confusion. Plates Plates are the working piece of a straightener, and you should definitely look on the plates. Various infusions are done on these ceramic plates to make the hair look more shiny and healthy.