Gelila bekele and tyler perry dating

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gelila bekele and tyler perry dating

What do you know about the beautiful Gelila Bekele? The Ethiopian Gelila Bekele met Tyler Perry in and they have been dating ever since. The couple. Back in , Tyler Perry admitted his secret girlfriend, Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele, had given birth to their first child. Now rumors are. Tyler Perry Is Dating Model Gelila Bekele Since The Couple Shares A Child-Glimpse Of The Actor's Personal Life Including His.

Life is not Honey which is a short film addressing the global issue of lack of water.

Gelila Bekele And Tyler Perry As Parents; Son's Arrival Brings New Joy

Guzo InGelila would go on to publish a book titled Guzo. The book has gone on to receive several positive reviews. Nevertheless, we know she has a step-sister named Anna Wrossetti, who happens to be younger than Gelila and has been seen in a couple of social media posts with the model. Gelila Bekele has never been married, though she has a son with longtime boyfriend, Tyler Perry. Born on the 13th of SeptemberTyler Perry is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, writer, and songwriter.

He is popular for his role as Madea Simmons.

Who is Tyler Perry dating? Tyler Perry girlfriend, wife

Madea is an on-screen character created and portrayed by him in several of the Madea movie sequels. The sequels were also produced and directed by Tyler Perry.

He is one of the most successful African American entertainers of all time and was once recognized by Forbes as the highest paid man in entertainment; earning million USD between May of and May of Some of his filmography credits include: The couple, for reasons best known to them, decided not to get married.

However, they live together and do practically everything that married couples do.

gelila bekele and tyler perry dating

Gelila and Tyler have decided to keep their son away from social media and more so, the eyes of the public. Tyler has stated severally that he is a Christian and holds the precepts of the bible sacrosanct. However, he has been criticized by the Christian society for not making an honest woman out of Gelila.

gelila bekele and tyler perry dating

Some people have questioned his faith as well as his sexuality as result of his decision not to take Gelila to the altar. Nevertheless, we believe that the couple is in the best position to make this decision for themselves and should not be coerced into marriage. Whenever they do decide to get married we will support them with the strokes of our keyboard.

gelila bekele and tyler perry dating

Net worth Bekele has been somewhat covert with her net worth. Despite growing up with a life resembling a script out of a sick movie, Tyler Perry took full grasp of his personal as well as professional life and turned it into something amazing.

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But what about his personal life? Who is he dating?

Interview with Ethiopian Model & Social Activist Gelila Bekele

Does he have any children? Without further ado, let's find out.

gelila bekele and tyler perry dating

The pair is together since Gelila is an American actress, model, activist and humanitarian who is most renowned for her role in Full. The couple is very discreet about their relationship. They tend not to give much away to the public. They appear to stay away from the spotlight and not crave for much attention.

It's not easy being a well-known celebrity duo and keeping information regarding their love life a secret. However, this pair is certainly playing their cards right as they have successfully kept their dating life and future plans to themselves.

Tyler Perry with his girlfriend Gelila Bekele Source: People Bekele gave birth to the couple's son named Amen Perry on 30th November Despite the fans curiosity, they are yet to spill the news about their wedding plans.

Meanwhile, the adorable pair is yet to share the picture of their son on social media.

Tyler Perry Says His Girlfriend Told Him She Was Pregnant on FaceTime

Tyler, in particular, is very coy about exposing his infant son to the world of media and internet. He probably wants his boy to grow with a normal childhood and he is already striving towards that direction.

It remains to be seen if this adorable couple decides to tie the knot, and when their big day will arrive. Tyler Perry's Traumatizing Childhood It was not always easy for Tyler Perry to make a name for himself, but he never showed to lose his focus or determination. This certainly reaped him rewards despite the initial struggle as success was hard to come by.

gelila bekele and tyler perry dating