Difference between cougars and cubs dating

difference between cougars and cubs dating

She is a pre-cougar/urban cougar. Top definition. pumaunknown A woman in her sexual prime between the ages of who prefers to date younger men. Admittedly these are degrading labels, reducing a person to her actions or making that person into an object. Both are nasty. Mind you I've. Most of the misconceptions are based on the idea that cougar and cub idea that it's wrinkles/weight alone that will determine someone's interest in dating is insulting. silly because it isn't something this is exclusive to age gap relationships.

Hence the reason I find it so nasty. There are even cougar theme nights in some establishments where men in their 20s hook up with middle-aged women, if all goes well.

difference between cougars and cubs dating

You gotta wonder where this MILF trend originated. Where did the fantasy about the older woman originate from? Consider a celebrity example. Demi Moore baffled me when she hooked up with the idiotic Ashton Kutcher. I mean what was that all about? Soon after the two exchanged vows, Moore underwent major plastic surgery to her face and body, trying desperately to turn back time.

Instead of realizing how lucky he was to have an icon like Moore in his bed, Kutcher stepped out on her with younger women umpteen times.

At least she was the one who asked for a divorce first, maintaining a shred of dignity.

Not every middle-aged woman. And just as oddly what does a sophisticated, successful woman see in a kid? Where a middle-aged woman who wants a boy-toy is concerned, does she see him as a conquest? Does he make her feel sexy and attractive? The cougar hawk is not to be confused with a guy wearing mirrored shades and a Hustler jacket hitting on everything in the room.

The cougar hawk is a gentleman first. A master of etiquette. He will never cock block one of his party for his own gains. He knows cougars hunt in packs when you see one there are many. The best cougar hawks approach a bar like a puzzle or riddle. The size up all prospective action upon entering and allot enough time to each candidate to maximize his efficiency.

difference between cougars and cubs dating

A cougar hawk is an asset in any band of merry men. Bobcat One of the smaller wild felines. A young woman between the ages of 20 and 30 who prefers to date men at least 2 years their junior. Similar to the term "cougar" referring to single women in their 30s and 40s who date much younger men. Age difference is within five years. Cheetah Male version of a Cougar.

A married man who cheats on his wife, with one or more women of questionable repute. A cougar in training. A sexy woman too old to be a kitten and too young to be a cougar. They are known to move extremely fast Fox A cougar in training.

difference between cougars and cubs dating

Can be used for males or females. See also foxy for adjective form. Gerbil The opposite of a cougar. A young girl seeking an older man. Most encounters with bulldogs are innocent, but he will gladly bed a young women if she is willing. A bulldog should not be confused with his more popular and sexy cousin the silver fox. Bulldogs are typically wrinkly and physically unfit, giving them a rounded physique.

Most are short and stout in stature, though it is not uncommon to find a taller version. Despite their physically unattractive appearance, bulldogs have a very magnetic, charismatic, and friendly personality. It is this personality that attracts their younger partners. Of course, money helps as well. They are often described by their admirers as "cute" but rarely "handsome", "hot", or "sexy". Bulldogs often fall prey to young women who lead them on and take advantage of their friendly nature and financial security.

Lion Someone who is very forward sexually and is probably the more dominant in a relationship. Can be male or female. Will probably be a very confident person and has experience Lioness A woman older than 60 who stalks men much younger than herself in order to quell a post-menopausal sexual arousal. A lioness is older than the puma, cougar, and jaguar.

I found articles about dating tips from the animal kingdom I'm sure there are more. Check them out here and here.

difference between cougars and cubs dating

I found an article about sex tips from the animal kingdom. Check it out here. And, I even found a funny blog post about lions, tigers, and whores. Why all of this animal reference with dating? I really can't even begin to imagine, but it actually is a little amusing to me at the same time as being a little derogatory. It seems to me that a lot of it has to do with age appropriateness. I mean, it is funny to see a really old guy with a super young girl hello Anna Nicole.

And, conversely it is funny also to see a really young guy with a super old woman didn't Liz Taylor date some really young guys? I worked retail when I was younger - I sold everything from clothes and jewelry to pagers and shoes. At one of the clothing stores I worked at when I was around 18, an older lady came in with a younger man. The age difference was very obvious. I was helping them, and commented, "It's so nice for your mom to be buying you some clothes.

Major foot in mouth by me. But, really, age has a lot to do with dating, whether it should or shouldn't. I have girlfriends and guyfriends who have gone out with much younger and much older people.

difference between cougars and cubs dating

These things generally don't work out. Yes, it is fun to date out of the norm. It's a little risky, intriguing, fun, wild. But, seriously, if you are 45, how much do you really have in common with a 20 year old?

That 20 year old can't even go into a bar with you.

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How long do you think that will realistically last? I know there are always exceptions to the rule. So, yes, sometimes these age differences do work, but I think that is the exception, not the rule.

Someone asked me recently what age appropriateness was for me. Generally key word hereI'd say that I would date someone no more than 5 years younger than me, and probably no more than 5 years older than me.

Of course this totally depends on the person.