Derek venturi and casey mcdonald dating sim

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derek venturi and casey mcdonald dating sim

When George declines the request, Derek informs him it's a party for Casey to meet the finalists Kendra prepared for Casey to choose a date from, Derek Venturi. Ashley Leggat Casey MacDonald. Jordan Todosey Lizzie MacDonald. Casey McDonald (Ashley Leggat) is the oldest of the McDonald kids and the Derek Venturi (step-brother) Relationships: Sam Richards (Ex-boyfriend) . with their relationship, so after the championship game, she breaks up with Max. The following is a list of episodes of the Canadian sitcom Life with Derek, which also appeared . Casey notices Derek, Edwin, and Sam playing a sexist video game (Babe Raider) and immediately launches . Kendra volunteers to help Casey get a boyfriend by throwing a small get together at the Venturi-McDonald home.

She almost did too, if I hadn't found that picture of her rolling around in a cow pie. And then — " "You campaigned dirty? She's the one who drives me to do all the crazy stuff.

Here she is, planning to get her cousin's head on a pike, and Derek's being sensible and calm? God, it's like pigs are flying or something in fact, Casey should really check the skies. She hadn't wanted Lauren to come, of course not.

derek venturi and casey mcdonald dating sim

But one not-so-adamant no led to one thing and that one thing led to another and thatone thing led to Lauren ruining a perfectly good two weeks of summer vacation.

I mean, she's always rubbed everything in my face. The fact that she's a model. It's time I win at something. Goddammit, googly eyes keep ruining things. Because if it does, I'll embrace my inner ten-year-old.

Or an excuse to spread his germs onto her. You know he's probably as far from 'professional geek' as you can get — short of becoming one of those homeless people who live under highways. I'm not giving you more of a chance to antagonize him. Casey bursts into laughter at the look on Derek's face.

He gags, "Remind me why we have to do this again? Why can't she just talk to him?

The Dating Game

She's allowed to be a little…" Casey nudges the remaining stack of toys with her boot, "…rebellious. We can start the ritual burning now. Someone get water and a hose, oh my God! There's a fire in the backyard. It's completely under control. Casey snaps her fingers in sudden realization. Turning to Derek, she whispers, "I thought this fire was missing something. Don't you think Lauren would look fantastic on top of it? Lauren's constant babbling at her ear doesn't really make things better, but she's trying.

She's really, really trying. So far, Lauren's theory that alcohol makes everything more fun is resisting truth. Derek's a burgeoning director. We're both artists," Lauren practically screams over the music. We make art with our bodies.

Emily seems to sense the tension in the room. Because of course, Lauren's favorite thing is Lauren. Think of the guys. I already offered to introduce Casey to some.

Not very sophisticated but perfectly effective. She raises her eyebrows, hoping that her very subtle eyebrow-raising is enough to convey messages. You know I'm right. He didn't even have the decency to get Casey anything — God knows alcohol is the only way to get her through this night of hell. No blonde bimbo hanging off your arm?

I mean, look at guys like…guys like Derek! Fun, good-looking guys don't go for the boring type. Wiping it off in what she probably figures is a seductive manner, she bats her fake eyelashes at Derek.

I mean, you get it, Derek. Don't give me that little puppy look. Casey almost feels sorry for her, but it's all a part of the Master Plan, and she can't deviate from the plan nope, not Casey McDonald. Finally, Emily raises a trembling hand and says, "Wait, I don't think Iunderstand what's going on. I told you pink. Surely, there's a pink one in there somewhere," retorts Lizzie. And we needed pink to prove our point. I'm being scientifically correct.

And the reason for that is simple…and also poking me — Derek, you're an adult, stop acting like a child. For, of course, the way to Derek's heart is through his stomach. As you can see, I'm not happy. He examines the footnote at the bottom of the graph. Derek not showing up equals an eight? I have my own level. I'm better than I thought. She's annoying, and she doesn't like me, and she won't let me watch my cartoons in peace — " "She told me girls shouldn't be so sporty," Lizzie's quick to add.

I said pink — " Lizzie shoves a red marker into his hand, and he sighs in defeat. Edwin begins drawing what is possibly the ugliest frowny-face to grace the smooth, previously unmarred surface of the whiteboard.

Which means I'm sad. Because everyone should want me to be happy.

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One childhood with Edwin was enough — " "All of you are completely missing the point! On his way out, he wrenches the pancake from Derek's hands and shoves it into his own mouth. I thought that was for smart people," says Marti, shaking her head.

Lizzie speaks up, kind of awkwardly. To George, she says gently, "Dad, that shade of red looks horrible on your face. Have you considered water massage? It's supposed to help with the stress. George's angry red face is taking a while to calm down, and maybe Marti's right. Casey should really start looking into masseuses. Lauren enters the room with a flourish. Sitting in a booth at Smelly Nelly's waiting for Derek and her boyfriend to show up so that they can have a proper double date ranks even lower on the list, barely above listening to Edwin make fart jokes for an hour which he actually did yesterday — maybe George is right and the kid really does have issues with growing up.

Needless to say, Casey's foolproof plan to keep Derek away from Lauren didn't work out. She does have to admit that castration was a little bit too far-fetched, even for her. As soon as Lauren rubbed her chest on Derek's arm and blinked those big blue eyes, the "yes" to a date had been inevitable. It's like killing two fish with one stone," Lauren insists.

Yeah, Casey really wants to kill those two fish, alright. More likely Lauren wants to rub in the fact that herdate is successfully not-boring, leaving Casey to question her boyfriend's merits. Lauren glances at her watch.

I'm going to your room! Upstairs on the right! The Pox Father [1. Just call me the Pox Father. If you don't have a place to put your toothbrush, what else do you have?! Marti the Monster [1. Oh, he would, would he? Well, would Derek let you do this? Casey turns on the radio and she and Marti dance to "Boy Meets Girl: Halfway through, Edwin joins them Edwin had just blocked out 'bra talk' Nora: So this has brought you and Derek closer together? The worm is gonna squirm. You know, if you give love, you get love.

Actually, you kick butt for anybody! All Systems No Go [1. But it was an accident, right, Marti? Dimi bugged me, so I gave him the ol' one-two.

You never hit someone! But Dimi's a doofus! I'm sure Marti is very sorry. We're the next door neighbours from Hell!! Male Code Blue [1. Jim, the gym teacher. You got Edwin's birthday wrong, day and year. I was told there'd be no math. And neither of you knew Derek's been stealing my Tooth Fairy money. Yes, but technically that wasn't part of the quiz.

Fine, I won't count it. But that still gives you 2 out of And any score less than 6, I'm supposed to call a social worker. Date With Derek [2. Good, 'cause this house can't handle another boy-crazed girl. And what about the girl crazed boys in this house? Yeah, but boys don't hog the phone like girls do, 'cause boys don't like to talk so much. Not that talking is a bad thing. I'm drowning here, Ed. Don't drag me down with you dad. He Shoots, She Scores [2. Come on guys, give it a chance.

You may like ballet. Sorry Casey, the robot has spoken.

derek venturi and casey mcdonald dating sim

Thinking This is so boring. When is he going to stop talking? I wonder what's for lunch. Attention students, the election results are in, and for the first time, a write-in candidate has won. Battle of the Bands [2. Singing badly She said it was over and it was not over.

She said it was over and it was not over. Nah nah nah nah nah! Family is stunned over his singing, execpt Edwin Edwin: That was totally awesome! Lies My Brother Told Me [2. You got me into this mess, you get me out. Casey, speaking from experience, Derek doesn't respond to demands. He prefers the big yes-man, boot-licking approach. You and only you can help me in my hour of need. Please, oh Great Liar, take pity on my poor truthful soul. Whenever somebody asks me if I've seen a movie, I always lie and say yes.

That way I won't have to hear them drone on about how good it is to the point where it makes me wish I've seen it or how awful it is to the point where it makes me wish I've never heard of it. Crushing the Coach [2. I'm taping Casey's reaction when she finds out- door opens, Casey storms into the house Casey: I do not snore!

Freaked Out Friday [2. C'mon, let's go upstairs. She's practicing for some dance competition. Casey's song ends as Casey finishes her routine Casey's episode overview Casey: It's part of being a sensitive, artistic overachiever. As opposed to insensitive, crude underachieverslike Derek.

derek venturi and casey mcdonald dating sim

Lizzie is crying on her bed as Nora walks in to comfort her. Defensively Mom look, I'm sorry I wouldn't do the dishes earlier but I had my reasons. I know exactly how you're feeling. You said it yourself. Adolescence is a time for changes. Hormones are kinda like eh- well they're kinda like emotional pimples. You know they, they mess with your head. And that's exactly why you wouldn't do the dishes. Mom my hormones are not the reason why I wouldn't do the dishes!

Nora Changes from sympathetic to sly: Really, cause eh getting mad at me's just another symptom of puberty and your hormones are Waves her hands in the air to represent "crazy". Mom please stop saying that word! What word, hormones or puberty? Covering her ears Mom stop!