Dating old forester bottles and brushes

Dating Old Whiskey Bottles from the 19th Century - The Bourbon Review

dating old forester bottles and brushes

Old Forester Bottled In Bond Bourbon Decanter, · old_forester_decanter__back · old_forester_decanter__strip. Posted in Old Forester. We've picked the best bottles produced in the UK and beyond . Little known fact , Old Forester is in fact the only bourbon to have been distilled. Main · Videos; Dating old forester bottles and brushes. I gospel any during you gospel to gospel the playoffs, than whoso manifests to forget recognition alone?.

With the rise in price comes a rise in counterfeit bottles placed on the market by unscrupulous people.

dating old forester bottles and brushes

The best defense against fraud is to be educated on what a real bottle from that era looks like. The 19th century produced few whiskey bottles compared to the 20th century.

For most of the century Bourbon and Rye whiskeys were sold by the distiller in the barrel.

dating old forester bottles and brushes

A few retailers offered bottled whiskey to customers but the majority of the consumers furnished their own bottle, flask or jug and had it filled from the barrel. It is not until the s that machine blown glass bottles were developed, making it profitable for distillers to bottle their own product.

dating old forester bottles and brushes

These first machine blown bottles used two piece molds similar to those used to make decorative flasks. These bottles had a seam that ran up the neck of the bottle. Unfortunately, this made the neck a weak point in the glass and the bottles with long necks tended to break easily. In the s a three piece mold was developed with the neck being the third piece. The seam in the glass runs up to the shoulder of the bottle and disappears. The first clue for dating these bottles is bottle itself.

dating old forester bottles and brushes

Hand blown bottles will have be less uniform than machine blown bottles, unless they were blown into a mold.

The mold seams are clues as to when machine mold bottles were made. The bottle itself will tend to have air bubbles in the glass.

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There is also a wide variation on the glass color from clear to amber, to violet to smoky grey, to olive green. The next thing to look at is the label. Most 19th century labels were printed by a lithographer making them a higher quality print than later machine printed labels. They vary in complexity from very decorative labels to simple labels with a brand name.

Dating Old Whiskey Bottles from the 19th Century

There were no government regulations as to what could or could not be placed on the label. Later, aroundthe label reverted to the previous practice of listing Brown-Forman as the distiller. The seal is plastic and the distilling company is listed as "Old Forester Distilling Company.

There is no age statement, however, to help determine about how old the whiskey is. OK, on to what's in the bottle.

dating old forester bottles and brushes

The color is rather light in the glass, though not in the bottle - not a deep brown. The nose is sweet and mild with notes of vanilla. The bourbon has a nice distinctly creamy mouth feel with notes of caramel and vanilla. The flavor is round and balanced with no particular extremes.

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For me, the mouth feel stands out most of all and really makes this an excellent bourbon. I'm not sure, but my guess is that mouth feel and over all character of this bourbon may come from urethane also known as ethyl carbamate a carcinogen that was apparent in high quantities in Old Forester in the s.

Distillers agreed to limit the amount of urethane in bourbon distilled in or after and so recent bottlings of bourbon do not have high levels of urethane. This is, of course, all speculation, but this may be one reason that dusty bottles of bourbon have such a different character than more recent bottling.