Dating and violence should never be a couple video

dating and violence should never be a couple video

More than two-thirds of victims will never report the violence, signs of the dating abuse she was experiencing in a past relationship were hard for her to see. to create a video public service announcement (PSA) that would. Jennifer thought she should forgive him. homosexual couple in which one or both .. Free Video on Teen Dating Violence Prevention Dating Violence is Never OK - A teen's story, (), 16 pages, $ each for or-. Learn how to prevent dating abuse. about being in an unhealthy relationship, so you may not have told friends or family what's going on.

In this podcast, we talk about why teenagers get into relationships, but specifically understanding the reality of why we get into relationships, and how we deal with emotions and pressures of maintaining relationships. Assault and Abuse All relationships have ups and downs, but no one needs to resort to violence when things turn sour. Random or constant assaults do happen, so how do we best prevent them and defend ourselves against them?

Considering Sexual Assault When Applying to College During this time of year, many teens are navigating their senior year of high school.


The most exciting part of graduating may be the firsts: However, the prospect of firsts can also hold a darker meaning. Under Reporting Sexual Assault On College Campuses Over the past few decades, instances of sexual assault have risen and many victims remained silent, until recently with the tweets of METOO plus the number of victims speaking up through social media.

Video by Aliyah Mitchell, Michelle Ailport Stalking in a Relationship This video is about issues that occur in teen relationships; specifically stalking. Stalking is a serious matter because it can lead to physical and mental harm if a teenager is constantly experiencing it.

Teen Dating Violence: It’s Time to Strike Back

Stalking consists of showing up unwanted or unexpected and frequent phone calls or texts messages. This is why teenagers should caution and limit what they put on social media, since it is really easy people to get ahold of your information. If you feel like you are being stalked or know that you are, do not let it go unresolved. The stalking is likely to escalate into eventual violence if left alone.

dating and violence should never be a couple video

Always seek help to resolve the matter as soon as possible; waiting will only make it worse. Video by Monet Almaraz and Carlos Ocampo Teen Suicide in Response to Break Up Two teens recount a story of two high school girls who were in a relationship that ended in a tragic murder suicide. Video by Liliana Barajas and Jenifer Santiago Outside Pressures Not everything that has an impact on a relationship comes from inside of it. From keeping up with busier schedules to the music we listen to, a lot of pressure on dating comes from outside forces.

Does it Work or Does it End?

Teen Dating Violence: It’s Time to Strike Back |

High school seniors Yajaira and Xavier tell how they plan to work through the pressures that going off to separate colleges will inflict on their relationship. Arizona State University sophomore Samantha Lee also shares just how the same pressures affected her own relationship, and what she took away from it. It make somebody feel powerful, emotional, nostalgic, or even disturbed.

dating and violence should never be a couple video

Older generations often criticize modern Top 40 music due to some songs that contain vulgar lyrics, however this has been an issue for many decades. Two college students and a high schooler consider the effects of songs which contain lyrics that promote or publicize domestic violence or rape culture.

How large of a role do the lyrics people listen to play on how they will behave? Is it something to worry about, or is it just a song? Hamblet Lemus and Lonnie Rios Luna do some research and give their own perspective on how one can manage their calendar when it comes to romance. In the US, over women and girls in age 16 to 24 are killed per year due to abusive relationship.

dating and violence should never be a couple video

In this podcast Carmen Cruz, Jenifer Santiago, and Qing Zhang talk about when to step in an abusive relationship and what kind of advice they would give to a friend in that situation.

They discuss about the people that can easily find themselves in these types of relationships and the factors that keep them from escaping.

By discussing this topic, we try and open the eyes of the teenagers watching that everyone deserves the same rights and respect no matter what. Using Drugs in Relationships Why do teens in relationships think they can use drugs while they are together? They can get their partner addicted to it just like them.

Drugs is not good for you at all it harms your future and body. It makes you a different person and also more violent.

Video by Angel Castellanos and Celeste Trevino Communication Breakdown Strong communication is critical to a healthy relationship, so when it goes bad, often does the relationship. Through verbal exchange or on social media, the health of our relationships often hinge on how well we communicate to our partners. How to Tell You Are in a Verbally Abusive Relationship More often than not people enter their first relationships in their teenage years. When entering these relationships people may not know what to expect from having a significant other and this can sometimes lead to misbehavior by one party or obliviousness from one of the parties.

You should know the signs of whether you or someone you may know is in an abusive relationship, and how to go about handling the situation. Video by Koko Rivera, Samuel Bradley Gender Roles and Stereotypes in Abusive Relationships Mike Holiday, a victim of abuse, describes his experiences with not only the event itself, but the repercussions he felt from the abuse. This is a problem. In this podcast, Isabella Escobar and Angel Rosales, discuss the normalization of this subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle abuse on social media.

In addition to this, the two talk about the lasting effects and how it can cause the spread of more abuse online and in real life. Did You Get Caught Online? For Quahtayvia, 16, signs of the dating abuse she was experiencing in a past relationship were hard for her to see. Now, she can look back and point out some of the signs that her relationship was taking a turn for the worst. Teen girls agree, however, that this education is absolutely crucial.

The competition invited teen students to work together to create a video public service announcement PSA that would speak out against teen dating violence. View the winning PSA here: How does HopeLine help victims of domestic abuse?

HopeLine from Verizon donates wireless phones—complete with 3, minutes of airtime—for use by domestic violence victims and survivors. These phones serve as an important link to emergency services in times of crisis, as well as a private, safe connection to employers, family, and friends.

Also, Verizon customers can get help and information about domestic violence by dialing HOPE from their wireless phones.

This gives callers an immediate connection to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, where they can be directed to local resources.

Dakota & Nadia performed an AMAZING dance against domestic violence - France's Got Talent 2018

Why do you think that domestic abuse is such a timely and important issue? Domestic violence touches so many people…Verizon recognizes that domestic violence is a national problem that has grave consequences for our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family members.

We were very pleased with the level of participation. We had hundreds of schools enter the contest and we had some great entries. Also, we received thousands of online votes. It was great to see the online community support the students because they worked so hard.

How can teen girls get involved in your cause? The best way for your readers to get involved with HopeLine is to host a drive in their school and community. And the good news is that hosting a drive is easy.