Cl and lee soo hyuk dating services

Lee Soo Hyuk FINALLY joins YG entertainment, whats next for the actor? - Jazmine media

cl and lee soo hyuk dating services

images cl and lee soo hyuk dating site dating agency cyrano, i just found this real funny, lee jong hyuk sooyoung hong jong hyun dating agency cyrano i just. The other guy in the MV was Lee Soo Hyuk, who gave me panic attacks while as one of the hotties being checked out by CL, Dara, Park Bom, and Minzy! These episodes of Dating Agency: Cyrano reminded me that it is a. Tuesday, July 30, goo hara, lee soo hyuk comments [+, ] Remember she said they were just oppa/dongseng relationship when her dating scandal with Junhyung .. Not gonna lie I thought he and CL had something going on:/ 1. However, the agencies of both sides have denied such claims, saying.

Can you put three? Stylistically 2NE1 are icons and unafraid of pushing boundaries but lately all four of you have been doing magazine shoots and experimenting with a more low-key, womanly image…. The magazines that we shot separately were for fun. We dress how we feel — every day.

cl and lee soo hyuk dating services

With regards to the future it will depend on what kind of music we put out because the look should coincide with the theme of the music.

You often call yourself a workaholic but where does that ethos comes from? I love working and what I do. What about when you have time off? A month ago I was really really sick. I caught a cold and so I had to, not because I wanted to, stay in bed for a week.

My body was telling me I need rest. We did that for our fans and it was different from what we always did, but we tried something different. Outside Asia the market proved that little bit elusive, however 2NE1 have made managed to make a starting dent in it.

When you travel do you see K-Pop really developing in non-Asian countries? Do you think it could ever escape its niche and go really mainstream so that a lot of groups can experience the kind of success that YG artists have? Have you ever worried about what other people think of you? I went through that phase when I was kind of thinking about other people. It was in and everybody was trying to put me down because of my confidence. So I was going through, like, do I think about that or do I do what I love and just be me.

Then to ease the rumor, YG decided to tell Dara to cut her hair short. The female model in the video was seen several times wearing clothes Sandara usually wears.

But all the sudden the boss told Dara what GD said, that he said that her hair looked cute and amazing. After that both of them, GD and Dara, were blushing and then covered their red face.

Dispatch catches Goo Hara and Lee Soo Hyuk together again ~ Netizen Buzz

GD helped Dara to learn rap, and GD always laughed and smiled and was full of excitements when he saw Dara learning rap at the stage. GD once get caught by camera shed tears and thrilled when 2NE1 won an award. At the time it was Dara who was talking at the stage. GD and Dara did the rap together there. They both have same white Blackberry too. Dara once put on a shirt gift from the Philippines Applers. GD himself has a dragon ball of Dragon Ball tattoo on his chest. This one is still fresh and hot.

He is a model of Vogue and often performs in high class fashion show. Seungri once said that GD likes women who are older than him. On the other hand, 2NE1 members also once said that Dara wanted to have a boyfriend who is younger than her. InSohee, the member of Wonder Girls, once reported having a relationship with GD, but it turns out it was only a rumor arisen because they were working in the same place.

Sohee herself confessed that she likes GD and being friends with him.

CL Spotted At G-Dragon’s Afterparty With BIGBANG and Lee Soo Hyuk

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cl and lee soo hyuk dating services