Bree and chase fanfictions where there dating

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bree and chase fanfictions where there dating

notes and tags, will be accessible by the public (unless you limit access to a work only to those with AO3 Accounts), and it will be available to AO3 personnel. Brase {Bree and Chase} by breannamicky. #2 I'm honestly surprised you guys aren't dating. They Don't Know About Us\\Book 2\\Brase Fanfiction by. #7. Also, Bree's BFF is Kim from Kickin' It and Jack is from Kickin' It too. This is not one of those annoying stories where after 1 day of dating, the.

Davenport, why are you doing online dating? But I don't want someone who wants to be my girlfriend because I'm rich and handsome. Davenport glared at his oldest son. Why hadn't he helped him be a bit smarter? If Davenport could give him super strength, then he should've been able to give him a slightly higher IQ.

At least high enough to figure out when not to speak. I can't risk anyone finding out about you guys, and I'm not sure I can trust Tasha with that just yet. Cathleen Stevens had been a nosey, persistent person who wormed her way into the lab by threatening to upload a virus onto Eddy's mainframe.

Naturally, Eddy had let her down, no questions asked. When Cathleen had discovered the children, she had decided to confront Davenport about their treatment.

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She wanted to take Bree out on a camping trip, Chase to a football game, and Adam to a museum. Obviously, this hadn't gone over well with the three teens.

Adam had accidentally knocked over one of the steel drums onto Cathleen, knocking her out. When she came to, though, thankfully she had forgotten all about the kids. Davenport had broken up with her the next day. His stupidity was getting old. After Chase and Bree had explained it to him, he grinned. Why didn't you just say so? She seemed nice enough, and she had no idea that he was the Donald Davenport, the brilliant inventor.

After about ten minutes of staring at the screen, a new message finally popped up. Sorry about the wait. I had to tell Leo how to fix the table.

bree and chase fanfictions where there dating

So what's going on? I'm surrounded by immature idiots. Well, just one immature idiot, really. Davenport realized a second too late what he had done. He had told Tasha Adam's name! Now she'd probably want to know who Adam was. And sure enough, two seconds later a new message popped up on screen, asking about Adam. There was only one thing to do: Or in this case, lie through his mouse. Is he a friend or a neighbor?

He's my neighbor and my friend. He's not the brightest crayon in the box. Oh, I know the type.

bree and chase fanfictions where there dating

So, are we still on for coffee this weekend? I think I found a sitter for Leo. Of course we're still on for coffee. I think this might be the first time we've actually met face to face. Huh, I guess it is. I have a question —what does your screen name mean? Or at least she hoped they were the only ones who knew. She never meant to tell Kim about her super-speed but one day, it all just came out.

She and Kim were in 7th grade 3 years ago when they decided to try out for the volleyball team together. Little did Bree know, that she was going through a special phase in her bionics where they malfunction and cause her to loose control of her speed and GPS tracker.

After the tryout, she and Kim went to get ice cream to cool off, but Bree was starting to loose control. They got their ice cream, chocolate for her, and vanilla for Kim, when she started glitching and speeding everywhere.

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Kim witnessed the whole thing. The school bus same time Chase loved school, being the smartest student there, so getting all A's was all that mattered to him, but lately it was harder and harder for him to concentrate on his schoolwork. This year, his best friend Bree was in some of his classes, and they had been friends for ever, but she kept getting prettier which made it hard for him. And every time she caught him looking at her, she smiled at him and sometimes it made him forget his own name.

But, Chase didn't want their friendship to be ruined, and plus she would never go for him, she was popular and he was just a geek. He wanted more than anything to ask her to the upcoming dance but he was too nervous to get rejected. He forced himself to stop thinking about her and listened to Adam and Leo's ongoing conversation.

Chase would take brains over strength any day. If only Bree liked smart guys, not jocks. Class that day It was pretty obvious that Chase liked Bree, although he barley ever mentioned it. He could tell by the way he looked at her, because it was the same way he looked at Janelle except he looked MUCH cooler, in his opinion. But, he wasn't sure that Bree felt the same way. That girl was pretty good at keeping her feelings to herself, but if you told her a secret, it spread like a wildfire within ten minutes.

Plus, Bree had almost all the guys at school crushing on her and she was dating a jock named Jack. But why was Leo thinking about this anyway. Probably so he could tune out his teachers boring algebra lesson. End of the school day "Ugh I have to go talk to Jack, I promised him we could talk after school," Bree told Kim, "I'll meet up with you later. She spotted Jack at his locker and walked over to him.

I wanted to make sure that we were going to the dance together, right? You've been acting strange lately. The real truth was, she didn't really like Jack. He was nice and a good friend, but she didn't really want to be his girlfriend, she just said yes when he asked her out for one reason. She wanted to make Chase jealous so he would ask her out, but it didn't seem to be working.

You never miss the school dances. She made a quick attempt to fix her hair which was blowing everywhere from the wind. Kim didn't even care that she was the second choice because Jack just asked her to the dance! I mean just as friends," replied Kim "Ok, sounds great!

It sounded like she and Jack were going on a date. And she liked it that way. Hanging out in the lab Beep!