Bani and anthony dating

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bani and anthony dating

VJ Bani, one of the contestants of this season's Khatron Ke Khiladi Torchaar seth, bani boyfriend anthony, vj bani dating, vj bani relationships. Gurbani Judge, better known as VJ Bani and also known as Bani J, is an Indian fitness model, actress and an MTV India presenter. She was a contestant in the. While Gaurav revealed of seeing someone with HC initials and Bani revealed that she is dating some with YT initials. The clip was not aired in.

However, apart from the first few years in the entertainment industry, success has eluded him this far. Nauman, already a local cricketer, was chosen as the face of local cricket coaching camps after Roadies.

bani and anthony dating

He attained a certain level of infamy after being connected to an MMS that surfaced, featuring a couple who were reported to be him and Roadies contestant Tammanna. Nauman participated in other MTV shows and has distanced himself from cricket.

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While he was open to offers from the entertainment industry, and also the corporate world, he couldn't really establish himself in the limelight. After her Roadies journey, she was quick to be selected for a daily soap, for which she was appreciated.

bani and anthony dating

After her soiree in the soap, she took a break. Vikas was always a modelling and entertainment industry hopeful. While he is yet to have established himself in the industry, he has been making inroads and has been making his intent of being involved in the industry rather clear. However, her victory is shrouded in a cloud of mystery as she reportedly went to the press after her victory and declared that the show was scripted.

MTV Roadies (season 4)

After Roadies, Palak has done a few music videos. While her career is yet to be established, it is evident that her loyalties lie in entertainment. Nick battled issues with weight to emerge victorious, and was the strongest competitor of his season. He is now going to be a part of other MTV shows and has also expressed his interest in being a part of films. A Mr Punjab participant, Prince is a Rannvijay loyalist and has expressed his interest in films.

His dream is to be an action hero like Akshay Kumar. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Be the first one to review.

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We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message Now Reading: Share fbshare twshare pinshare Comments 0 6 most successful Roadies contestants Last updated on - Feb 15, Rannvijay took part in Season 1 of the show and won the title.

His stint in the show made him one of the most loved celebrities on TV today. Rannvijay took part in the show to win the bike which was his favourite then. But destiny had more for him in store.

From Roadies to Bigg Boss 10 - Bani J always wins hearts, but not the game -

After winning the show, MTV offered him to host the same show and so he has hosted all the seasons so far. There was no turning back for him, as he then also hosted shows like 'Stuntmania', 'Splitsvilla', 'Teen Diva' and many more. Rannvijay also tried his hands in Bollywood by debuting in 'Pukaar'.

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