Are matthew lush and nick laws still dating

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are matthew lush and nick laws still dating

officially broken up and there's still a chance they will stay together. Also, Nick tweeted that he was at home, so he hasn't moved out and he isn't staying So I don't think they broke up or are going to, I just think Matt is going. Someone from Sunapee posted a whisper, which reads "am I the only one that wants nick laws and Matt lush to get back together? ". Nickalaws YouTuber Information Profile Nickalaws Style Vlogging Date Joined August Channel Trailer Most Viewed Video [Source] Nicholas Alexander Laws. his ex-boyfriend, Matthew Lush (also known as GayGod), which is titled Lush.

And no, I don't want to fuck him. For those of you who are not aware, someone leaked a picture of a page from his book from someone who worked in the bookstore and chapter 14 "Surprise" has only two words which I will now plagiarize.

are matthew lush and nick laws still dating

I don't have the link but I'm sure you can find it pretty easy in a search or just go to your local book store if you still have one of those on tuesday and see for yourself. When I saw the video yesterday, my jaw dropped and the food about fell out of my mouth.

That was a one-of-a-kind coming out, truly a class act. It was all very, very impressive IMO. I'm not being a fangirl and I must admit, if he were a breeder, I'd be annoyed. Too many music videos with beautiful straight people kissing.

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Now we finally have a whopping one whole music video with a beautiful gay couple kissing and he's being widely accepted and lauded by millions of young people. Those young people will go on to counterbalance the next generation of super religious, mouthbreathing rednecks.

Acceptance is a good thing. The Dark Knight is perhaps the most powerful exploration of guilt the modern American blockbuster has given us. Nolan also wrote and co-produced the film, described as "a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind". Although he was initially hesitant about returning to the series, he agreed to come back after developing a story with his brother and David S.

Goyer that he felt would end the series on a high note. When you give people something extraordinary, they expect it every time.

Anything short of that feels like a letdown.

Top 15 Gay Vloggers On YouTube

Large-scale epics and film preservation[ edit ] In Nolan and Emma Thomas served as executive producers on Transcendencethe directorial debut of Nolan's longtime cinematographer Wally Pfister.

Dowd of The A. Club gave the film a C- rating, pointing out that "[Pfister] lacks Nolan's talent for weaving grand pop spectacle out of cultural anxieties. Nolan also directed, wrote, and produced the science-fiction film Interstellar The first drafts of the script were written by Jonathan Nolan, and it was originally to be directed by Steven Spielberg.

Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Scott wrote, in his review for The New York Times, "Interstellar, full of visual dazzle, thematic ambition It was a real work of art.

are matthew lush and nick laws still dating

It was specifically inspired by the themes of Interstellar, and "attempts to capture and celebrate the human experience on Earth". Their first project was Elena from director Andrey Zvyagintsev. The program and Nolan's short received critical acclaim, with Indiewire writing in their review that the brothers "will undoubtedly have hundreds, if not thousands more fans because of Nolan, and for that The Quay Brothers in 35mm will always be one of latter's most important contributions to cinema".

During the year-long production of his first film, FollowingNolan and Thomas hired a small sailing boat to take them across the English Channel and retrace the journey of the little ships of Dunkirk.

am I the only one that wants nick laws and Matt lush to get back together?

And that was with no bombs dropping on us. I love you, and I want you to be mine forever. Standing there together, neither one of the two wanted to stop.

They wanted time to stand still, forever locking them in this moment of ultimate devotion. Looking into Matthew's beautiful, warm-chocolate eyes, Nick kisses him uncontrollably. Desire started choking Nick's heart, right next to nerves. A strange excitement flew over his body, making him want Matthew in every way he possibly could. Moving to the bedroom, the two started cuddling, holding each other as close as they've ever held each other.

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I mean, I don't want to take advantage of you or anything. Matthew sat up and pulled off his shirt, climbing on top of Nick and peeling off his top as well. Matthew leaned back down to bring their lips together again, but slowly grinding on the twink as well.

Nick let out a soft moan as he starting moving his body into Matthew more and more. Soon, he could take it anymore. A ripple of deadly desire shot across Nick's entire body, and he grabbed Matthew by the shoulders and rolled them around to where he was now on top. Pressing lips together again, Nick begins undoing Matthew's pants.

Sliding off Matthew's pants, Nick undoes his as well. Sliding down the older's body, Nick reveals the throbbing member below, visually taking in the magnificent dick.

Looking up at Matthew, a naughty blush creeps up forcing Nick to look back down. Matthew's eyes glaze over, feeling the hesitant breath of his lover below. Nick grabs the member, and begins massaging the sides with his tongue. Matthew moans in pleasure as he arches, in need of constant warmth on his dick.

Sliding slowly up the shaft with his tongue, Nick reaches the tip and begins tickling the underside with the tip of his tongue. Matthew begins to shake a little, vibrating with complete desire.

are matthew lush and nick laws still dating

Nick looks back up at Matthew whose eyes are closed at the moment. He moves back down the shaft with his lips, moving back up as well. When he reaches the top he slides the member into his mouth, making Matthew moan out louder as his dick is surrounded by warmth in all directions. Nick begins moving his head up and down; sliding his smooth, wet tongue across the shaft at the same time, fully utilizing every part of his mouth.

Suddenly, he feels strong hands grab his shoulder. Looking up, Matthew pulls him closer by the chin, kissing him once again. Rolling Nick back underneath, Matthew slides down to the virgin dick below. He starts out much the same way as Nick, except uses his tongue in the center of the shaft, working his way up excruciatingly slowly.

are matthew lush and nick laws still dating

Nick moans loudly, unable to control the volume of his voice. Matthew massages the spot right below the head with his tongue, making Nick arch higher and higher. Suddenly stopping, Nick exasperates all his breath, falling back down fully on his back. Matthew uses this time to put his entire member in his mouth. Nick arches back up, but Matthew holds him down, pleasingly torturing the younger one. Sliding down along the shaft, he deep throats Nick.

Nick once again moans out loud. Matthew begins rotating his head at the same time as using his tongue and sliding up and down Nick's deliciously hard cock. Unable to handle anymore, Nick starts tensing as the feeling of completion starts to set upon him.

are matthew lush and nick laws still dating

Matthew lets up right before Nick can come, milking him a bit.