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Made in Chelsea's Andy Jordan and Louise Thompson split

andy and louise mic dating service

We bet it's got nothing on the tangled web the Made In Chelsea cast have been Way back in , Louise was caught up in a complicated love triangle . Jamie Laing; Spencer Matthews; Andy Jordan; Alik Alfus; Ryan Libbey . This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard. Andy and Louise from Made in Chelsea declare their love for each other Spencer who has been dating Lucy Watson was dumped in last. Made in Chelsea's Andy Jordan and Louise Thompson didn't mince their words as they fired insults at each other on Monday night's episode.

andy and louise mic dating service

Spencer was devastated and realised he genuinely likes Lucy and would like her to be his girlfriend After bumping into him at a barn dance last week Louise told Binky over a coffee: He's slept with her, he's got what he wants so he's really winning. Concerned at first, Andy then agreed and the pair managed to keep things civil. Spencer even left the party early to go around Jamie's for a heart to heart Playing games: The night before the party Lucy had met a guy called Alex in a pub and purposefully invited him to her party to stir up trouble Getting along: Alex and Lucy retreated to the bar to get to know each other a little bit better in full view of Spencer Spencer told him: Although Louise seemed to struggle to keep it civil, having a number of swipes about Lucy whenever Andy tried to bring it up in conversation.

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  • Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson admits she slept with a well-known boyband member
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But he seemed pleased to get his way when Louise came along to the house warming party, despite an awkward greeting between the two girls. Phoebe then revealed Alex is her ex of three years, leading to a war of words with Olivia and Phoebe against Lucy But it was Phoebe and Olivia who therefore received the wrath of Lucy. And that she did as she spied a good looking guy at the bar - and quickly went over and invited him to her party.

Phoebe revealed she'd dated Alex for three years and had even gone travelling with him before Walk out the door: Olivia and Phoebe were then asked to leave by Lucy after she got her claws out once more But in true Made In Chelsea style his entrance didn't go quietly.

andy and louise mic dating service

Just before he arrived Spencer took the opportunity to have a private word with Lucy, telling her: I'm an all or nothing girl so it's nothing. Lucy made sure she let Louise know she wasn't welcome and warned her she didn't want any drama Trying to be civil: Lucy and her new flat mate Steve cuddled as they tried to be friendly to Andy and his girlfriend Louise Passing him off as 'just a friend' and 'irrelevant' she then set about flirting with her new conquest.

But outside more trouble seemed to be brewing as Olivia walked in to the pub garden and told Phoebe her ex boyfriend of three years was in there flirting with Lucy.

Phoebe stormed right over, met with a glare from an unhappy Lucy who demanded: I am in love with you.

Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson admits she slept with a well-known boyband member

OK, so if you're not up to speed on the ever-changing and dramatic dealings of Louise and Spencer's love-square with Lucy and Andy, let us enlighten you. E4 Things get serious for Louise and Andy as they tell each other "I love you.

andy and louise mic dating service

Then Louise finally found true love with Lucy's ex Andy and Lucy started dating Louise's ex Spencer - phew - as if they're lives weren't complicated enough. The split comes as a little surprise as the couple who attended the BAFTA TV Awards seemed to be getting serious with slimy put cross through gushing Spencer telling reporters: I can't lie, she'd be a beautiful bride.

Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson and Andy Jordan make a very civilised couple debut

Lucy who "did the dumping", shall we say, was also very positive at the time saying: We're trying to take things slowly but that's just not happening. Then the newly singleton spent the evening flirting with other men, while Spencer looked on.

When Three Is A Crowd - Made In Chelsea

E4 Andy has the look of luuurrrvveee oh don't you just lurve a love-story Although the night was one to remember for Louise, it seems poor Spencer didn't have the evening they expected.