Andy and louise dating after divorce

Jamie Redknapp 'dating' stunning model Julia Restoin Roitfeld following Louise Redknapp divorce

andy and louise dating after divorce

The Truth About Brad Pitt's Post-Divorce Dating Life It's not like Thelma and Louise's hunk suddenly became unloveable. Sure it was "the craziest rumor of all time," she told host Andy Cohen noting that they hadn't actually. Louise Thompson had an "unhealthy" relationship with alcohol that would see her drink until she blacked out when she first started on Made In. EXCLUSIVE: We spoke to the former Eternal star after she's finalised her divorce from football pundit Jamie earlier this month.

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Brad Pitt treatment was Kate Hudson. The coupling was pretty much sealed when the then-single actress, 39, went on Howard Stern 's radio show mere days after Pitt's split and shared that while a personality is great and all, she was really looking for a man that inspired more lust than laughs. Honestly—I'm just gonna be honest—I want funny. Funny makes me happy.

Made in Chelsea's Andy Jordan says he wanted to marry Louise Thompson

But I just want someone really hot! Not quite for life, you know. I think Brad is very, very handsome. Or, at least, that's the thoroughly dramatic storyline that played out across magazine covers. And they had the whole parenting and longtime Hollywood veterans thing in common.

andy and louise dating after divorce

But he seemed pleased to get his way when Louise came along to the house warming party, despite an awkward greeting between the two girls. Phoebe then revealed Alex is her ex of three years, leading to a war of words with Olivia and Phoebe against Lucy But it was Phoebe and Olivia who therefore received the wrath of Lucy.

andy and louise dating after divorce

And that she did as she spied a good looking guy at the bar - and quickly went over and invited him to her party. Phoebe revealed she'd dated Alex for three years and had even gone travelling with him before Walk out the door: Olivia and Phoebe were then asked to leave by Lucy after she got her claws out once more But in true Made In Chelsea style his entrance didn't go quietly.

Just before he arrived Spencer took the opportunity to have a private word with Lucy, telling her: I'm an all or nothing girl so it's nothing.

Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson and Andy Jordan make a very civilised couple debut

Lucy made sure she let Louise know she wasn't welcome and warned her she didn't want any drama Trying to be civil: Lucy and her new flat mate Steve cuddled as they tried to be friendly to Andy and his girlfriend Louise Passing him off as 'just a friend' and 'irrelevant' she then set about flirting with her new conquest. But outside more trouble seemed to be brewing as Olivia walked in to the pub garden and told Phoebe her ex boyfriend of three years was in there flirting with Lucy.

Phoebe stormed right over, met with a glare from an unhappy Lucy who demanded: Earlier in the show Spencer had summoned Andy for a drink to make amends after Andy started dating his ex Louise Speaking out: I want to prove with can have a really good relationship.

andy and louise dating after divorce

Lucy and Jamie were there usual flirty selves when they met for a coffee Getting along well: As they walked away, a furious-looking Phoebe said: Denying she still had feelings for him, she continued: Phoebe kicked off at the polo match about Fran hanging out with Alex New pal: Fran was seen laughing away with Cheska at the polo rather than with Phoebe Comfort elsewhere: The fiery blonde spent time with Jamie instead and flirted up a storm with him Not impressed: That evening Louise and Andy met up for a rather awkward dinner.

I lose my phone a bit and lose the plot sometimes when I get drunk.

andy and louise dating after divorce

The cast were all on hand to enjoy a very awkward day at the polo Teasing: Proudlock and Jamie teased Spencer about him having a girlfriend again They then started to argue about whether Lucy had broken them up and Louise started to cry asking why they had to have such a miserable conversation. As Spencer took a seat with them Andy said: Looking very wound up Andy told Spencer that he was a burden on their relationship before turning to Louise and saying it was time to leave.

Looking rather awkward Stephanie said to Spencer after they had been left alone: It was Louise's desire to see Spencer still which was the nail in the coffin Nice to meet you: