Amidala and anakin age gap dating

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amidala and anakin age gap dating

Find the age in each movie of every major Star Wars character. How old is Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi? How old are Padmé Amidala, , 14, 24, The fact that Luke and Leia are brother and sister is one of the major to correct the age difference of the twins as they would need to be Is this answer still relevant and up to date? Related Questions (More Answers Below). How did Anakin Skywalker age so fast, compared to Padme Amidala?.

amidala and anakin age gap dating

At the beginning of the trilogy, Padme Nuberrie is the elected queen of Naboo at the tender age of about Padme is the elected leader of her people even though she is referred to as Queen on the planet of Naboo. Padme request help from the Jedi Knights when her planet is under seige from the Trade Federation who want to impose new taxes on the trade routes.

The Trade Federation is led by Nute Gunray, a greedy individual who was easily manipulated to tax the trade routines. Padme is not one to go silently, her people elected her to protect and defend her planet and that is what she plans to do.

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Padme does not agree to the new taxes. During the films, Padme becomes the target for many of the Separatists that want her dead.

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Padme falls in love with one of the Jedis that was sent to protect her in the second film, the Attack of the Clones. Throughout the course of the second film, she grows closer to her protector Anakin Skywalker and end up getting married in secret. Anakin Skywalker would later become one of the more iconic characters in cinema history, Darth Vader. The secret marriage is not revealed to anyone until late on in the third film, the Revenge of the Sith when Obi-Wan Kenobi finds out about who she married.

Queen Padme Amidala When we first see Padme, she is the elected Queen of Naboo whose planet is under siege from the Trade Federation over new taxation.

During the journey, the space craft that they are travelling in crash lands on Tatooine where Padme meets for the first time Anakin Skywalker, a slave. Despite being told to remain on the ship, Padme swaps places with one of her hand maidens and joins the Jedis as they look for a piece of equipment to repair their craft. The Jedi's probably know that the Hand Maiden is Padme but choose to ignore it.

The age difference between Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker shrinks by the second film.

Star Wars: why Princess Leia is nearly two years older than twin Luke Skywalker

The age difference is seen as a major plot hole in the films. Not accepting the opinion of the Senate who want to send a fact-finding team back to the planet, Queen Amidala returns with the Jedi Knights to fight the blockade. Padme leads a small force into the Royal Palace to confront Nute Gunray.

In the first film, Padme Amidala's character wore a lot of make up for certain parts of the film, however they toned the make up down a lot in the following films. In later films, Padme didn't put on any where as near as much make up as she did in some film.

Later in the film, Padme disguised herself as a handmaid so that she could join Obi-Wan and Qui-gon to find supplies in Mos Espa on Tatooine.

amidala and anakin age gap dating

The Jedi Knights knew but didn't say anything. In Attack of the Clones, she wore a variety of clothes including that of a traveller so that she and Anakin could escape the city and hide in the country. Later, Padme would change into a white top and trousers to aid Anakin in his attempts to rescue Obi-Wan on Geonosis.

Unlike her daughter, Princess Leia, Padme Amidala doesn't have to wear any bikini.

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Padme does have her top ripped and then minutes later, the bottom half of the top has gone, revealing her midriff. In the final film of the prequels, Padme Amidala is pregnant and so doesn't do much. At the end of the film, Padme goes with Obi-Wan to try to bring Anakin back from the dark side whilst heavily pregnant.

According to Dale Pollock, Luke Skywalker was originally Luke Starkiller and "Leia is the daughter of Owen Lars and his wife Beru and seems to be Luke's cousin — together they visit the grave of his mother, who perished with his father on a planet destroyed by the Death Star.

The first [version] talked about a princess and an old general. The second version involved a father, his son, and his daughter; the daughter was the heroine of the film. Now the daughter has become Luke, Mark Hamill 's character. There was also the story of two brothers where I transformed one of them into a sister. The older brother was imprisoned, and the young sister had to rescue him and bring him back to their dad.

She and their mother were "sent to the protection of friends in a distant system. The mother died shortly thereafter, and Luke's sister was adopted by Ben's friends, the governor of Alderaan and his wife.

amidala and anakin age gap dating

The Annotated Scripts as saying: The part that I never really developed is the death of Luke and Leia's mother. I had a backstory for her in earlier drafts, but it basically didn't survive.

When I got to Jedi, I wanted one of the kids to have some kind of memory of her because she will be a key figure in the new episodes I'm writing.

amidala and anakin age gap dating

But I really debated whether or not Leia should remember her. Film critic Peter Travers of Rolling Stone applauds Lucas's attempt to link the two trilogies in Revenge of the Sith's final scenes, but says, "It's too little and too late. I think George wrote Amidala as a strong, smart character, but it helped to know that I had this great woman before me who had portrayed her character as a fiery woman. According to The Phantom Menace production notes, "The role required a young woman who could be believable as the ruler of that planet, but at the same time be vulnerable and open.

Natalie embodied all those traits and more. I think it will be good for young women to see a strong woman of action who is also smart and a leader. In Attack of the Clones, however, her character had aged 10 years.

Portman had aged only three years between the two films. She remarks, "[Lucas] wants to make sure I seem older than Anakin in Attack of the Clones, so it's believable that I can be bossing him around, and he's a little intimidated. She looks at him as a little boy — at least for the first half of the film.

Reactions by critics to her performances were largely negative. James Berardinelli called her acting in The Phantom Menace "lackluster," [17] while Annlee Ellingson of Box Office Magazine said "Portman's delivery is stiff and flat, perhaps hindered by the gorgeous but cumbersome costumes.