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Johnny Depp's wife Amber Heard was MARRIED to her ex-girlfriend - Mirror Online

The recently released nude photos of Ailee have taken the K-pop world by to which Allkpop staff member Matt Kim and 6Theory CEO Johnny Noh of their correspondence with Ailee's alleged ex-boyfriend dating to July of this year. f(x) 's Amber, miss A's Min, U-Kiss' Kevin and Super Junior's Siwon. Amber dating snsd Move forward to the gayos and Ailee. Amber Heard, Johnny who holds her Aldi shoppers to closely resemble their years i do they be fun. The popular female idol also discussed her recent solo debut and the friendships she has forged with other K-pop stars.

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18 Crazy Secrets No One Knew About Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's Marriage

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He has nothing to do with this leak. We checked with him over a hundred times.

But the pictures were eventually uploaded on allkpop. On the 10th, we received another tip in our tip box. When we researched the link, it was uploaded by someone from Toronto, Canada.

Ailee prank on sleepy amber @ Ailee & Amber One Fine Day

The picture had already been uploaded in July and again in October. We decided that the pictures were already released to the world. YMC claims that Ailee sent those photos to her ex-boyfriend for his help.

That's an unfounded accusation. We've already discussed with him about the picture several times. The means in which the pictures were acquired is completely different. This scandal is putting us at a great loss as well. Our server was down because of the influx of page visits and our advertisements were cut off. YMC has revealed that they will be taking legal action. Since we are just as much negatively affected by this, we are discussing taking legal action as well.

What's important, however, is that we are not the first to leak the photos. We are willing to cooperate with YMC if they want to find the first person to leak them. In the end, it's Ailee who is the most negatively affected by this.